Email a day early – September 1, 2014

Photograph of the Guatemala City Guatemala Mormon Temple
They’re having us write a day early, so I guess you’ll get this for family home evening. Tomorrow on Pday we get to go outside. They’re taking us on a ‘tour of the city.’ The most exciting thing is that we’re supposed to go to a place called the ‘Central Market.’
There’s so much to talk about, but I don’t know exactly how to begin. We have several language study books for missionaries. We also have some pamphlets in English and Spanish. They gave us a set of scriptures in Spanish too. Some of the guys bought nice Spanish scriptures at the Distribution Center, but I didn’t because the scriptures cost like 60 bucks American. I did get a Predicad Mi Evangelio for $2 though. On the training about beggars and life outside; there is basically none. The guys who have been here 6 weeks leave tomorrow for the field, and I think today (all day) is the first time they’re getting any training on how to stay safe or do stuff outside. Here they focus on teaching us teaching skills and trying to give us a basic Spanish knowledge of lesson material. There isn’t a whole lot of practical Spanish.We also teach practice lessons with our instructors pretending to be investigadors practically every day. Today I’m going to try and not use any notes while I teach in the lesson.
Sundays are pretty relaxing. We have Sacrament meetings, and then devotionals and personal study.
I forgot to tell you last time; the first week they gave us all buzz cuts. It’s nice, because it’s easy to take care of. On Sundays everyone goes to the showers at the same time because they don’t have shifts like weekdays. So yesterday I didn’t even get to shower. I just shaved, got my hair wet, and got dressed. Shaving is annoying. I thought about trying to skip a day today, and then I looked in the mirror. Everyone in here who grows facial hair seem to tell the story that their hair is growing faster. I don’t know.
Also, I don’t know if I mentioned this last time, but the first advice we got from the veteran missionaries when we go here was “Don’t drink the juice and eat the fruit; you’ll get the runs.” That hasn’t happened to anyone yet. But there is an amazing amount of bathroom humor amongst the Elders. Maybe it’s because they have nothing else to think about.
You asked about the weather last time, and I didn’t get a chance to talk about it. It feels like you’re in the mountains here. It’s constantly overcast, but there are also long patches of sunshine. When it rains it seems to happen in the night or early morning and the afternoon. We really can’t tell, but the storms don’t seem crazy. It just seems like the rain is very heavy (heavy drops) but not much wind while it’s raining. But I’m inside the whole day. I’ll tell you what it’s really like when I’m out in the rain in a few weeks. 
I love you dad. And I love mom and everybody.
Elder Schafer

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