Adventures in and under the City – September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014

DSC02058 (1)

This is the picture they took at the CCM (MTC) our first week.

I’m pressed for time. You write like mad here to get everything you want to say out in an hour.

One thing I forgot to tell you in earlier emails is that I got a haircut. They buzzed everybody the first week. Didn’t bug me; it’s easy to take care of. The other thing I mentioned in my forward email is that they took our cameras. That’s because awhile before we arrived missionaries did something dumb. Let us all learn from their example and not do dumb things and ruin life for other people.

For that reason, I can’t send any pictures of the trip to the market and the ‘Relief map of Guatemala.’ Look up some pictures of that on the internet. I’ll get my pics to you in the field. I also got some quick shots of the Governmental Palace

Important BuildingSanta Lucia Building 1



and the clock tower on the cathedral next to the plaza in front of the palace.  That was along the way as we were walking to the market.

The market was underground and just down the street from the palace. It was like a maze. Something out of the ‘Jason Bourne’ movie. Tiny stalls full of rugs and textiles. Pictures, clothes, and ornamental (or not) machetes. And tiny Hispanic women trying to get you to buy ‘helado, Elder. helado.’ (ice cream)

Below the market- farther underground- was a food market. The smell would blow your mind. We walked down the meat aisle. Carcasses hanging from the stalls, and flies everywhere. The people buying just walked up and touched the meat to see if it was good. On the way back we saw a man in the street fire-breathing. And we also saw an another man sprawled out. There’s still debate whether he was drunk or dead.

The mercado didn’t have any electronics or even mechanical goods like watches. It was all artisan crafts, like textiles, other clothing, pictures, or assorted touristy stuff. Nothing was ‘brand name,’ but I’m sure I’ll see a market like that eventually. We got to go to a building that was kind of like a very tiny mall today. They took us to a bookstore and a grocery store. I didn’t need any study materials or toiletries, so I didn’t get anything. The other guys were very excited because they got to buy candy. But they had to eat it before we got back to the CCM.


We get snail mail as soon as it comes in. The mail seems pretty reliable. My comp’s family sent him an expensive camera and that made it through. So mail should get in to me here in about a week- week and a half. Don’t know about the field.

I’m having some fun with my district. There are a lot of good guys out here. I can’t wait to get out and send some pictures to you. Life is pretty good.

Elder Schafer


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