Preparing for a New Adventure – September 23, 2014


Well. My week. A lot has happened. But I have to think about it, because the days start to blend together here.

Some cool stuff has happened; like getting Latino roommates. I now have Elder F and Elder C  from Honduras in my room. They’re pretty cool. Elder F is very tall (like 6’4″) and he’s very nice. He won’t call us Gringos because he feels like it’s an insult. Elder C’s cool too.

They taught us all the gang signs we need to be careful not to make here. They actually told us we can really only do two things with our hands in public; wave when we say ‘hola’ and shake people’s hands. The other thing about them is that they found out that I sing. So they have me sing a song in English every night before we go to sleep.

The other cool thing that happened this week is that I speak gospel Spanish pretty well. And I can basically communicate with Elder F and C, so when I get out next week, I’ll still have trouble having conversations with people, but I now definitely can contribute well in a lesson. I don’t have to be a dead weight. I practice talking whenever I can, and I’ve been told my accent isn’t too bad.

We’re all feeling ready to get out now too. For instance; at lunch, starting this week, we cheer when the clock reads 12:34 and 56sec. We count down the last ten seconds- like it’s New Year’s Eve. And then after, someone always says “So, same time same place tomorrow, guys?”

There are other funny things too. You remember we don’t have our cameras. But at the temple today we took a district photo on the steps; yep, one of the guys pretended to set up a camera on a stand and set the timer, then ran up to be in the picture. When you laugh at that, you know you’ve been in the CCM too long.


My district in the CCM

But I also know that next week won’t be easy. I won’t understand anyone the first day. And you can always find something wrong with your companion. And, while it’s hard to be in here, it will be stressful to be back out in the world and have to take care of yourself. That’s also beside the fact that I have no idea where or what I’ll be living in.

But I’m still excited. You’ve always got to have something to look forward to. You can’t be in denial about how hard things in life are, but I like to think it helps to always hope that things will get better. For instance; after the first week (which will be hard) is a weekend of General Conference- and we get to watch it in English! And then, Monday should be my next p-day, just right after. So, it’ll be alright. And if things stink for the next three months, I’ll look forward to Christmas, or something else. You’ve just got to keep going.

I feel pretty good today. I hope you all are the same. I also hope you enjoy Fall for me. When the leaves change, a picture or two of my favorite season would be nice. They say it’s winter time here. I disagree.

I’m ready for the rest of my adventure to start; I’ll let you know about it in about two weeks.

Elder Schafer


With Elder C


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