Out in the Field


Elder O (Elder H Trainer), Elder H (My Trainer), and me

On Sunday, I got to confirm Hermano A. He got baptized a few weeks ago. They do it that way here, where the people get baptized right after church on the third Sunday that they come, and then they wait a week to do the confirmation in Sacrament meeting. Hermano A is a good guy. He´s eating up the Book of Mormon, and when he saw a triple combination he asked for one, because he wants more scripture. That was kind of humbling.

I´m more adjusted to being in field now. Last week when I was writing I felt more frantic. New missionaries have 12 weeks of training in the field. In that 12 weeks we are to learn, observe, and make lots of mistakes as we figure out how to teach. Different missionaries have different styles of teaching and mindsets of approaching the work. By the end of the 12 weeks, I should have a better idea of what works for me.

The times that are hard for me are the mornings. I hate waking up in the apartment. But I always feel better when we´re outside in the street working. Hearing from you helps too. Helps keep the world in perspective.


So, the last picture is from our district p-day yesterday. We walked 3 or 4 miles up from Santa Lucia to a museum that has Mayan carvings and statues. It was cool. We got there and I was thinking ´well, I´m dead tired. But I´ll probably never come back to see these rocks again.´

Mayan Carvings


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