In Training, Sometimes Training at the Beach – October 21, 2014

Elder Schafer

Our mission has a goal in November of 400 baptisms. The 400 baptism goal isn`t really normal; I think it`s because large groups of missionaries are going home in December and in February, and this is the last 5 week month that they`ll have, and a lot of them are in Leadership, so President wants to push them. The goal for October was 200, and I think that`s more normal. I won`t worry about numbers. Especially now. For now, and until I`m done with training I have to follow the direction of my companion in everything, but I`m also not responsible if what we do is ineffective. So I just get to learn right now.

Zone Santa Lucia

But, we did get two baptisms this week. The taller kid is J, he`s 23. The other is C he`s the son of a less active member, and he`s 13.

Baptisms 10.19.2014Baptisms 10.19.14 2

I`ve played soccer (football) twice since I`ve got here, and I`m actually really enjoying that. I might have to see if they do it intramurally or something in college. We tried to play basketball once as a district, but it has so many more little rules that are impossible to explain in Spanish to the Latino Elders, so that wasn`t very interesting.

About the mornings, they`re much better than they were at first. It was just kind of depressing to wake up sore, and face the enormity of two years, doing this same thing every day. Our apartment doesn`t help much. The air in the apartment is more humid than outside in the heat of the day. And mold grows all over.

I´m living out of my suitcases. I wipe them down about once a week so that the mold won`t get inside and get on stuff. But you get used to wearing dirty clothes. And really, after using our shower (or the bucket, cause we don`t always have water) no place I`ll ever live in my life will be a challenge.

We also never cook, mostly because it takes too much time, and you have to get everything out and then clean it. We don`t have enough time. We don`t have a momita. We have a lady in the branch who washes our clothes though. We`re supposed to eat lunch with her too, and pay her 15Quets every time, but we haven`t. My comp is really good at getting members to feed us for free.

I`ve only gotten sick once here. I ate a bad hamburger, and was throwing up one Sunday a few weeks back. I haven`t really had diarrhea, which is good.

I have divisions today with the zone leaders. Last time with the district leader was fun, and I saw another example of teaching and missionary style. Hopefully today will be good too. And hopefully I won`t have too many new blisters.

I got a few letters at the beginning of the month; I think those were all pouch.. I also got a regular mail letter from a friend that day. We only get mail about once a month, either at a change meeting or when they send us our new agendas.

We went to the beach yesterday, p-day, as a Zone. Attached are a few pictures.

Zone on the beachNames Beach  D on the Beach 10.20.14












Love you and everyone else at home,

Schafer Name on Beach


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