Blessings in the City – November 4, 2014

So, I had changes this week. I left the coast (praise the Lord and His mercy) I am now in Guatemala City, Zona Villa Hermosa. And the climate is awesome here. It actually hasn´t rained that much this week. And my companion is awesome. My new companion is Elder S, from Utah. He´s pushing me a lot. This has been a really hard last couple of days- but it´s good. My Spanish is improving faster, and more importantly my teaching is getting better.
We have a unique experience here in Villa Hermosa, we get to open this area. There were Sisters here before, and they just took them out and put us here. And those sisters actually went to my last area in Las Delicias. But anyway, mi companero y yo, estamos empesando a aprender la area juntos! (My companion and I are learning this area together.)
We´re going to Antigua on Zone Pday next week. You can buy these music players here that just take a USB and play it. They´re players and speakers. They´re about 30-40 quetz. 100quets is about $13.33usd.
 Also, another crazy thing. (You win Mom.) I´ll be playing piano for the Barrio (ward) reunion de sacramental every week, and I´ll be playing for the ward primary program at the end of the month. The only time I have to practice is during primary.  Last Sunday morning I was actually feeling kind of sad, like my musical talent was just going to fade away without use (No one sings in key in this country- except gringo missionaries from Utah) And then I was blessed to get to play. I did terrible in sacrament meeting, but they asked me to do the program, so I´m not stressing about that at all. Ha ha.

Anyway. I hope I´m not forgetting anything. It´s cool to be in the capital. I get to have the experience of living in a city. Oh yeah, did I say WE HAVE HOT WATER!! I would have been happy if it was just a working shower, but I got the blessing of all blessings.

 Oh- we went to WALMART yesterday!!! The prices are about the same, they might actually be more expensive here. And I had like weird reverse culture shock going on.

I love you. Take care,

Elder Dreyton Schafer


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