Leaving this Place – October 28, 2014

We`ve had a good week. I have news. I have my first transfer. Both my companion and I are getting moved out of my area, and they`re going to put Hermanas here. So we`ll both be going to new areas and have new companions. I`m expecting it to be a lot harder than this change has been. I`ll probably have a Latino companion, and he`ll probably push me a lot harder than my comp right now has. That`ll be good though. Oh, and all the members give you food when you leave. That’s really nice.
Las Delicias Street

But- praise be- I get to leave this horrible house, and move to someplace that should be better. My companion says this is the worst house he`s been in his whole time here. Maybe I`ll go to Guatemala City- they have hot water sometimes- think of that! 

I feel sorry for the sisters who will move here though. We`ve been cleaning the house, but it doesn`t help much.

I wanted to try and get some pictures of the volcanos, but they`re almost always behind clouds, and they`re really far away. So just a picture of the first Calle of Las Delicias.
Elder Schafer

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