Early P-Day – November 10, 2014

So, I´m writing on Monday, because the zone leaders switched our P-Day (preparation day) to tomorrow. We´ll be going to Antigua. That´s suppose to be the nice, touristy part of Guatemala that´s full of white people. I just imagine in my mind though, rich gringos flying in and being ferried out to a paradise in the mountains, designed to make them spend lots of money and generalize the country as all being like that. So I´ll get to see the fantasy world that they do tomorrow.
I also wanted to tell you: Walmart here does not have contact solution… So I guess no one in this country wears contacts. But, did I mention last time how Walmart is guarded by big men with rifles and flack vests. And in the states home-less sleep in the parking lot. What a world.
This Sunday was stake conference. That was a different experience. The entire thing was about missionary work. And then, in an afternoon priesthood leadership meeting, one of the counselors in the Stake Presidency ´gave machete¨ (The expression they use for being really tough) because the Stake only baptized 600 people last year, and if the members worked more with missionaries then they would have more. Someday it´ll be nice to go back to my former world where one is a great miracle. But for now I´m here, living in other people´s version of reality.
My companion is really good, and we work hard, and for quality. I hope I get to stay here for Christmas, but I do really need a Latino companion so I can actually learn how to speak in this language. Right now it´s still really depends on the day how well I can talk. But after a while of having people just stare blankly at you and say, I don´t understand. You stop taking it personally, and think Well I tried my best. 
I have eight minutes left. Why don´t I tell you about the food here. The food isn´t really that weird. The strangest thing I´ve eaten is the stomach of a cow. But it was in like a soup. We eat everything with bread or corn tortillas, which I really like. A lot of the food is very similar to the states. People don´t take very long or work much to prepare difficult things. When you have chicken, they usually tossed the gutted and plucked bird in whole. I may have eaten the feet of a chicken. You really can´t tell. We eat rice alot. In Santa Lucia, right before we left, every member we visited gave us chicken salad sandwiches, which was really good. Here in the capital, I’ve actually had spaghetti once (which is kind of weird to eat with a tortilla, but they do it). And one night here, our Bishop bought us Pizza Hut, which was very nice.
All of the leadership in this ward lives in a very nice housing area called Villa Flores. It reminds me of what I remember of neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Except the homes are like apartments. But large walls, and multiple checkpoints with armed guards. It´s right next to the Walmart, imagine that.
Hope I´ve told you something that everyone will find interesting or funny.
Elder Dreyton Schafer
PS The church is true.



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