Learning to Deal with Stresses – November 18, 2014

Life as a missionary in Guatemala is different than I expected. We do have lots of baptisms and talk to lots of people. The least number of lessons we´ve taught is like 2 in a day. That´s usually on like a P-day or when we got rejected a lot. The most we´ve taught is 10. That day we worked all day, and it killed at the end.

We baptized a woman who (if her documents are right) is 90 years old. We have had other baptisms too.


One thing that makes life difficult is that. I´m just so used to being able to get on the news or read a book about a person who has bigger problems than I ever will. That helped me maintain perspective.

Here, all I have all day are the problems of the work and how I´m doing it. Maybe that´s why I love writing so much; it lets me leave where I am at that moment and be somewhere else for a while.

I really am a perfectionist deep down. Letting some things fall by the wayside, and telling myself, see the world won´t end if you make a mistake, and being confident even when I really wasn´t is how I coped in high school. And I think I perform better and feel better about my work when I do that. And then I can channel my instinct to do things correctly into individual moments, like lessons here.

So I´m just going to relax about being perfect and enjoy this experience. I´m not going to stress myself out. I´ve been praying so much, and I just feel like the Spirit is confirming to me that if I´m having fun and loving people I´m doing my job.


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