The post in which I have a run in with a sign on a post – November 25, 2014

Things have indeed been getting better. I am following my plan to enjoy my time here, working hard, and loving the people. Elder David A. Bednar explained, “A missionary is a follower of Christ who testifies of Him as the Redeemer and proclaims the truths of His gospel.”

Older Guat Couple

Let me tell you about some interesting facts about my mission. My favorite thing I´ve eaten is a Chapin (nickname Guatemalan´s have for themselves and their culture) Sandwich. A Chapin Sandwich is a like a normal lunch meat sandwich with refried beans. The refried beans make it Chapin.

A member lady does our laundry. Depending on the area they are more or less dependable and fast.

We write our weekly emails home usually a seedy looking internet cafe. They are built on the side of the streets like tiendas (little stores). Except that tiendas have bars across the front so you can´t go in. You have to tell the person what you want.

The cafe is different in that you can walk in and sit down. We also occasionally in this area (like today) have a meeting in the stake center, so we can use the computers in the family history center. That’s better because we don´t have to pay. It´s a quet every 15 min in a cafe. Which is really just 13cents usd. So about the same as a stamp costs for a letter in America right now.

Yesterday was the best day I´ve had on the mission; that´s also the day when I hit my head in the picture.


I was just walking in the street. I’m too tall for this country. I hit the corner of a low billboard.

 Offending Sign

Police to the Rescue

The police in the picture commandeered a bus and took us to the fire station to get me cleaned up. Don´t worry. It was just a lot of blood. But I got some cool pictures and a nice story, right?


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