All is Well – December 2, 2014

My head is fine. The scab is already all healed up. We went to the fire station right after I cut it open, and they cleaned it really good.

I do have a duck reflex, I just didn´t see the sign that day. The buses are a lot like what my dad describes from Ecuador, and probably like buses in most of the third world, except I haven´t been on any with animals. Just a lot of people, on an old school bus.

We don´t clean the apartment that much, in all honesty. We just don´t have time. This is the mission in the all the world that is the most crazy about using all of your time to proselyte. Mostly we work.

I learned more this week about putting other people before yourself. So basically, I learned more about love, and how you actually need to work a whole lot to sustain a relationship (like a marriage), and work for you others (like your children).

Anyway, enough of that.

I don´t get to do much with singing here (and everyone in Guatemala is tone deaf- sorry Guatemala…)

I don´t think much about thanksgiving and it being the holidays. I just try to think of this as one reeaally long spring and summer. I know I´ll enjoy and appreciate the Christmas package in a few weeks.

If I have changes next week I´ll be in another new place for Christmas. The fourth one in almost that many months for me. This is a great area, and has awesome members. (And I´ll probably go to a hard area with a terrible house- cross your fingers).

We´re pretty sure that I´m leaving though. Our District leader has let on that President mentioned that I would be leaving this transfer.

My time is almost up. Sorry there aren’t any pictures. I loaned my card reader to my companion, and he hasn’t finished in time.

Thanks to everyone for your emails and letters. It’s very comforting to hear about what others are doing and know that the world is still my old normal somewhere. Take care, and Merry Christmas. I´ll let you know if I have changes next week- we´ll get the call Monday,

Elder Dreyton Schafer


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