Being Willing to Be Rejected – December 16, 2014

This last week we had a very good time (because of your prayers). I´m still in Villa Hermosa for another change, and I´m with the same companion. Now he´s district leader, so every night I get to take care of the area book by myself. That takes forever, because I have to think of what I need to say about each visit and how the investigator learned, and then write it in Spanish

But we have had a good week. On Sunday night we found a family in the street on the way home, and they let us come to their home and share. They came right out and talked to us very honestly about their needs as a family, and I believe that they will attend church. (Which is really how we can tell if a person will progress).

We also had a miracle on Sunday with our church attendance. We had a young man, Daniel, committed to baptism. But then he drank coffee. So we couldn´t baptize him as planned last week. We had to have him think and pray about why and really if he wanted to get baptized. On Sunday, we came by his house and knocked. No answer. So we went to church. When we got there, he was sitting on a pew in the back. We´re going to baptize him this Sunday.

I don´t know if I´ve told you about all of them, but I´ve had six baptisms so far in my mission. The first were Kleybor and Jean in Santa Lucia back in October.

Baptisms 10.19.14 2

We baptized every weekend but one in November, and we were opening this area.

Our converts here are Mellany and Maria




and Alexander here in Villa Hermosa.


They are all special people. The number doesn´t really matter. The people do.

There is a bit of an insanity among the missionaries in this country. They kill themselves, and they expect the members to. And it appears that in much of Guatemala, the members work all the time with the missionaries.

I think of how we are as a culture back home compared to here, and I think what we should do at home lies in the middle. We are usually not as enthusiastic about sharing the gospel as what I see here. But back home, we also have busier lives to live. Members have families and jobs, hobbies and interests. But that doesn´t excuse us. We are selfish. I´m selfish, and that´s what I´m trying to let go off. That´s one reason I´ve had hard times here as a missionary.

We need to be more willing to reach out and show our faith instead of indulging our fear when we try to share the gospel. If we believed that we could convert and baptize more people in our wards and stakes back home, we would. Not hundreds, not crazy numbers. But families, and young people, yes

So maybe we need to be more willing to invite people to things and have them reject us. I didn´t like rejection before. I just wouldn´t ask for something, or not do it so that I wouldn´t get rejected. I was afraid, and when you´re afraid, you can´t show your faith.

The way that we´re really lazy back home is that we don´t do little things that don’t actually take much time just a little courage. These things aren´t that hard. They just mean we have to take a little less time to veg on the computer, or in front of the TV. Give up a little of our leisure time and reflect and then act on what we are prompted to do.

So what am I trying to say? We need to get lost in living and loving other people. That´s really what I´ve been learning. I´ve been thinking a lot this week about the future. About the day when I´ll have kids, and a family. If I can learn to forget myself and put investigators I barely know before myself, then I´ll do it with my children and my wife and you all the rest of my life.


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