Happy New Year from Sunny Central America – January 6, 2015

On Balcony

Well, this has been quite a week. I saw several miracles yesterday. Elder S. followed an impression to go talk to a kid he saw riding on a bike, and we found that this young man was one of the several that were baptized but never confirmed in our carpeta. We´ve been looking for these people for a while. He led us to his house, where there are two more of these unconfirmed people. They will be going this Sunday to be confirmed the next week. That was very cool.

In other news, I have made it through the big holidays. They burn Devil pinatas here like in other parts of South and Central America, but they do it only the 7th of December. So there are like three days in the month with lots of fire. New Years is just lots of fireworks like Christmas, and lots more beer. The streets were dead the day after. No one was out. And those who were in the morning were drunks walking like zombies. They also say that there will be many babies born in August and September.

I was reading a talk by Elder Holland and thinking about submitting our will to our Heavenly Father. Christ submitted His will entirely to Heavenly Father´s, and He made His desires one with God´s. We on the other hand, have the will of the natural man. When we desire things not in accordance with His will, then we´re indulging the natural man. So, we need to do everything that we can to change our will to be the same as the Father… which is hard! But to fully enjoy the guidance of the Spirit, that´s really what we need to do.

So how the heck am I supposed to do that now and the rest of my life? I got an answer today in the zone training. We read a story about an Elder who started writing down things he did that offended the Spirit. Many of them were things he liked to do, and that occupied his mind. And then for 40 days, he worked to stop doing them. Each night in his prayers, he analyzed the day, and prayed for strength to do better, with specific things.

So I´m going to do that. It really involves focusing all of your mind and energy into what God wants for you. On the mission, it’s working. Working. Working, and more working.

So that´s what I´ve been learning this week. We didn´t baptize Daniel. We had his interview, and he needs to be interviewed by Pres. Markham. We´re hopeful that we´ll get have his baptismal service next Sunday, January 11, and Viki´s too. We had 9 investigators at church on Sunday. It was a miracle.

So to conclude, and put the two thoughts that I´ve had together: I need to give myself over to doing things that will help me spiritually be happy, and try to become one with Heavenly Father. That means that now, I need to focus in my work. Work every day, and try to obtain the Spirit. And then, after my mission, I need to do that same thing, and discern what are the best things to occupy all of my time with in college and work.

You know there´s a reason that lots of philosophy and great thought occurs in letters. It opens a different part of your mind than just trying to write an essay.

Elder Schafer


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