The first full week in Angry River – January 21, 2015

This has been quite a week, getting a handle on things here in Rio Bravo.  Lots of stuff happened. I`ll try to tell you it all. At interviews I got the Christmas letters from everyone in the ward (my church congregation back home). All the ones you wrote at the ward party, and individuals from the Wynns and the Vauses. And one from Grma and Grpa Schafer. The ones from the ward were nice, rather funny to think of all the people back home living out their normal lives and growing up. It`s a different world here for real.

Sweating with sugarcane

Speaking of church organization and cosas asi (things like that), I had to go on an adventure last Thursday. We had to go to the area office for the church, and I had to sign some stuff for my visa. We had to be there at 8am. The office is in Guate, the city. We got up at 2:30, to get ready, and be there on time. It`s like four hours to the city in bus, and then we had to take metro transports to get to the office.

What else happened this week? Walking around the town of Rio Bravo, I`m pretty much reminded every minute of a story Dad told about his mission. I remember when you made batidos for us when we were younger dad. They don`t have those here, but they do make licuados, which are basically the same thing, just you can get different flavors of smoothy. We never really drink that. I haven`t had much of a chance to try different foods. We`re always going somewhere, or contacting.
A miracle that we`ve seen this week was on Sunday. Last week we went out about 2 kilometers from the pueblo (town) to an aldea (village). We invited several people to church. One of the people we invited, a woman and her little boy of about 3 came to church on Sunday morning. We`re going to try and focus some more of our efforts on first strengthening the branch to support these investigators and new members, and moving outside the pueblo a little. Using the large area we have to find and bring more people to church. Its been quite a week.
I hope you don`t worry too much. I really am getting to learn how to take care of myself without anyone to help. Yesterday (this is the other thing that happened this week) Elder R went on divisions with another Elder, I received a mini-missionary for the day. That is a 19 year old kid from Antigua who is the companion of this other missionary right now because we don`t have enough missionaries in the mission. I`m still junior companion, but I had to lead the whole day. There was no one to help me. But we had a successful day yesterday. We found people to teach, I only got lost twice trying to find where people live.
Next week I`ll tell you about the adventure we went on p day this week.
Elder Schafer
PS I got a machete

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