Fireworks and Forgotten Branches – February 3, 2015

I really just put that title to grab your attention. They`ve been having the fair in Rio Bravo the last few days, and yesterday they had fireworks. We taught a guy a lesson in the street as he watched the fireworks go off over our shoulders. Forgotten branches? We only had like 20 people at church. It was pretty pathetic really.

So, hay cambios (no changes). Yes, we call them cambios. We have cell phones, so we don`t have a zone meeting to find them out. They call us and tell us if we have changes. But they don`t tell us where we`re going. If you have changes, you go with your companion to change meeting, at Monte Maria, in Guatemala city. And you take all of your bags. Then there is a giant meeting with a little more than half the mission. Lots of talking with people you know (I`m still young in the mission, so I only really know the guys I entered with). There`s spiritual messages from President and his wife, and then they read the changes, zone by zone. The Zone leaders go up and stand on the stand as the changes are read for their zone. And Elder such and such recibe (receives) Elder de Utah. Elder Such and such es companero mayor (is senior companion). They also call zone and district leaders, and zone retention leaders.

And then you go to your new area, or you take your new companion to your new area. So… I`m staying in Rio Bravo. Elder R., se va (he goes). They`re closing one of the other areas in our district, and the third area is the zone leaders. So I`m basically the only one staying from our district. We`ll see who I receive. Maybe I`ll be with a Latino. Probably. So I`ll get to really learn Spanish, and teach him the area. Saber cuantos cambios voy a quedar aqui. (Who knows how long I’m going to stay here.)

So yeah. That`s how it`s going. This was an extra long change. They should only be 6 weeks like normal from now on. Wish me luck with my new companion.

Oh about the lamina I mentioned last week on the walls. Lamina is corrugated sheets of metal, probably tin. It goes on roofs, and for really poor people, it serves as the material for their entire house. Along with their flatscreen. One woman told us she couldn`t come to church because she needed to watch their giant flatscreen in the lamina house, to protect it from ladrones (thieves).

Temple Trip

Oh yeah. The temple trip. It was nice. It was hard to stay awake after waking up at 3am to get there. We ate at Taco Bell and Subway in the capital. Mision Sur`s part of the capital is really alot like a city in the states. The contrast was what was weird about going to the temple. That we could be there, and then just a few hours later, back out here in the bush.

I really just hope we can find some new investigators this week who will come to church, read the Book of Mormon, and accept baptism dates in three or four weeks. That`s what I`d like this week.

Love you all. Take care and enjoy the end of your winter and a change in the seasons. This has just been a very long summer here.

Elder Schafer


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