Same Place, New Companion – February 10, 2015


Tiquisate Zone

Les amo mucho. Tengo mi nuevo compañero al la parra de me, ahorita. El se llama Elder. Sepan esto. Jajajaja. Pero, inserio. El se llama, Elder Aza. De Peru. (I love you very much . I have my new companion now. The Elder called Elder . Know this . Hahahaha . But seriously . He is called , Elder A. From Peru .

 That`s how my Spanish is doing. My companion says it`s pretty good. He understands everything I say. I understand pretty much everything he says to me too. I don`t know. It`s going to take a while to start thinking in Spanish. I still think in English, pero lo sale español de la boca. (but what comes out of the mouth is Spanish.)

 So my new companion is alright. He`s a convert of about two and a half years. From what he says, I gather that the culture in Peru is actually very different from Guatemala, especially here in Tiquisate. This place is weird.

The other day, we came to Tiquisate to interview the zone leader`s baptism candidate. On the way, we ran into two gringos. Hippies. Long hair, beards. No saber (Don’t know) how they got here. They didn`t speak Spanish at all. They said they were headed for the Rainbow Festival which I assume involves weed. Why else would two guys with full hiking packs, who haven`t showered in days be in Tiquisate, Guatemala?

I write you long emails for several reasons. First, because I love you, and know that you want to know what I’m up to. Second, because I need the release, and it helps me a lot to read your emails. It doesn`t even matter if you think your life is boring, it`s nice to know what you`re doing.

We have rule against using email like instant messaging. Long emails are better anyway. Better and more important things can be communicated. Also long emails are much better for the historical record. I`ll be able to go back years from now and understand the dynamics of and how our relationships have changed. That`s pretty cool.

My dear sister told me nothing about her first date! I need the story. La proxima, por favor! (The next email please.) And if she ever needs to reply to someone asking her on a date in a creative way, I found these scriptures today. Alma 11, verses 29, and 33. Apply as desired.

Jacob 6, v 12 never fails  as a good one either. Especially for young men. That brings me to an interesting story. Elder R. was teaching the young men (or rather, young man, H, the only who comes to church regularly) in the 3rd hour. So Elder Schafer is by default the de facto President of Hombres Jovenes in Rama Rio Bravo. No, I`m not called. But I think I`ll be teaching that class on Sunday every week.

So yeah. I`ve been listening to talks by Elder Holland on the usb from Christmas. Like half of the top ten conference talks are from him. You ought to listen to some of those. I don`t know who the one guy is (different from E. Holland), but he`s long dead and he talks deep doctrine. And gives a grand machete for 7 heresies of the church. Very direct. (It is Elder Bruce R. McKonkie)

And E. Neil Andersen is coming to our mission on the 18 of March. Changes will be the 17 because of this.

Anyway. E. Holland is my favorite, because he always talks about how life is hard. But it`s okay. And we can do it. I particularly like the one where he talks about when his family was going to grad school, and the car broke down twice.


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