SICK – February 17, 2015

It`s been a difficult week to be honest.. We worked very hard to try and bring people to church, but we had zero attending. We did see the reward of our efforts with less-active members, several families attended church that haven`t been in a very long while.

About the young men, all I do is teach the third hour of church to them out of the youth curriculum. We gringos have a cultural misconception about the church organizations in third world countries. That organizations exist the church the way they do in the States.

In reality, I`m in a world where everyone is an evangelical convert, and so sometimes they pray to Jesus or the Holy Spirit during meetings. And those are the faithful members. There are about 300 members here, baptized, because we baptize everyone. But there are maybe 20 faithful members every week in the church. We`ve managed to get a few less actives to come to church, de vez en cuando (occasionally).

So there`s no mutual. We can`t do mutual because we have rules about the amount of time we can be with faithful members, so that we`re always working. We contact lots of people in the street and knock doors every day. The pueblo here is pretty burnt over too. The only positive people we meet are inactive members. That`s pretty much what we do. That`s why I don`t write much about experiences. Every day is the same. Our visits fail because they lied or forgot to be in their house, and so we wander the streets, contacting.

Today, I have the Chingquggoya. I have no idea how it`s spelled. Yesterday, at about 8pm it hit me pretty hard. I don`t have much energy, and my whole body hurts. We`re going to keep going today, but I`m walking pretty slow. The headache has pretty much stopped though. I have permission to sleep some extra hours and rest. I guess it is just time to endure to the end, right? But I`ll be okay. I`m just going to be very tired the next few days.  (It is spelled Chikangunya)

So about those ward basketball teams. You ought to look up the section in Preach My Gospel on humility in the attributes of Christ and read it to them. It says the opposite of humility is pride, which is often manifested in competition. Competition is where feelings of inadequacy can stem. The act of always comparing yourself to the achievements of others, and the need to diminish their success, so you can feel good about yourself. That`s why the over competitive guys come to play, they`ve been raised to believe that they always need to be better, and it helps them feed their ego.

Anyway, I hope that counts as a spiritual thought. President Hinckley talks about it in one of those Greatest Conference Talks of All Time.

Take care, I love you all,

Elder Schafer

Addendum Email:My esteemed companions here tell me that my eyes are red. That means Dengue.

And on that cheery thought.

Love you,

Elder Schafer

(I knew from the first moment I read about Dengue in the travel medicine clinic at St Luke’s that I would get it).


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