Hey, I´m Alive, Don´t worry!

Well, emails are telling me that the reaction to my sickness was rather dramatic. Thanks for your prayers. The thing is that it passed pretty quickly. I slept all day last Tuesday, just sweating and with a lot of body pain. We did divisions with the zone leaders that day so I could stay in the house. It was weird the way the pain started to leave. It was progressive. Last Wednesday, the pain stopped in my head and upper body. Then it was only in my legs, so I worked all day, walking very slow. The day after, Thursday, only in my feet and ankles. The day after that, only the feet. Just a little tired and walking slower. And yeah, now we´re all better.

Everyone gets this in the mission. I didn´t even get called by a doctor. Just the mission nurse, who said what she says to every problem, be it fever, dog bite, or gastrointestinal. She says Drink Gatorade. And take acetaminophen. I took a whole lot of that. Thanks for the pills Mom. I feel less bad for carrying around a medicine cabinet.

Adult and mission life seem to be one long string of trials, and trials of faith in particular. I have eighteen months left, and in many ways I feel more worried and stressed than when I began. Leaders are always saying more numbers, higher numbers. President just says baptize. And baptize every weekend. And I just have trouble finding people to visit any given day, let alone finding them again, and dragging them to church and to the font to baptize them.

Sunday, we baptized two children, who may never go to church or remember that they´re baptized after they leave the retention list in a year.


I´ve asked myself several times actually What if I went inactive after I came back from my mission?

I always come back to these thoughts. First, no matter how many times I have been hurt or offended by people who claim to represent my Savior Jesus Christ, I cannot deny that I know he lives and he is real. This church was established by him, and Joseph Smith was his prophet. The prophet, Thomas S. Monson, lives today, and the apostles are called by God, because the Spirit testifies of their words.

And second, where would I go? The world is crap. I only want to marry a person who has standards and desires to improve and girls like that only seem to exist in the church. And there are children, somewhere in the future, who I will not leave to the winds of the world. Even many parents in the church do that. Let the sweep and drift of society, and worldly recognition cloud their judgment. They let their children go, leaving the responsibility to someone else. There is no one else who will raise your child in the manner you want, other than you, yourself.

Anyway. Pretty intense to think on these topics. But I live in a world where intense thoughts and spiritual feelings, and making it to your bed to slip into oblivion each night are about all you have.

The week itself ,other than the baptism, was pretty much the same. We ate pizza in Tiquisate yesterday. It was pretty crummy.

Let the ward know I´m not dead. And thank them.

And until next week,

Elder Schafer


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