Pero, ya ahora voy a subir – March 10, 2015

Well. It has been a week. I got a call today. I´m going to be training next change. I´m supposed to complete the training of a new missionary who has six weeks. Elder A is training too. We think he´s receiving a new, fresh from the CCM. I´m kind of worried about training, because I don´t even feel that experienced or comfortable as just a junior companion. Pero, ya ahora voy a subir. (But, now I ‘m going up .)
We have meetings all of next week. Monday is pday. Tuesday is change meeting. Wednesday is the conference with Elder Anderson. Thursday is district meeting.Friday, I have a meeting for news in Villa Nueva, in the capital, and Saturday is weekly planning. I´ll also need to do two hours of companionship study with my new every day. So, I´m not going to sleep much next week.
So unlike the pair I wore in high school these combat boots are actually combat boots. The pair I have back home are more like stylistic combat boots. They´d die in days if I actually had to walk a ton in them, on rough stuff. These are more bulky. I bought them in a paca, which is like a thrift store, but open, usually in the front of someone´s house. They get clothes from DI, and other places in the US. Everything´s dirt cheap. Tshirts and collared shirts for 39 cents. I´m probably going to buy some clothes in my last few months to bring back with me.
I suppose my mission´s getting me ready to go study and work. I like studying. I wish I could do it and sit in classes all the time. I´m reading the Book of Mormon in my studies, and I´m blazing through it. After you get through Nephi, Nephi, and Jacob, it´s pretty quick.
Attached are some pictures of a bus and a tienda. These aren´t in my area, we went to another district meeting, and I took them. Also, is a picture of what I made myself for dinner a few days ago.
Bus Tienda Dinner
And that´s how it is. Next week I will get to be in charge, and I´ll have to teach someone else how to be a missionary. And I´ll be very, very tired. The price of leadership in this mission is the number of hours you get to sleep a night. They say the assistants don´t sleep at all. The annoying thing about training is that you have to be an example to the person, 24 hours a day. And you have no other companion to pick up the slack, like in a normal companionship. Like now, with Elder A, we have a really good relationship. And when one of us isn´t having a good day, the other can step up to lead. We´re really more like partners in terms of our experience.
It´s kind of like being a single parent, isn´t it? Which is something I don´t plan to be, pero de repente ( unless something crazy happens), right? A freak accident. A medical tragedy. (De repente means suddenly. It´s what the people say when we invite them to church). There are more funny ones. Like Dios Primero. God first. But in the sense they use it when giving us an excuse, it really means, God willing.
PS I took a picture of this spider that was in our bathroom to impress my wife someday with how tough I am. Think it´ll work? I proceeded to kill it with my combat boot afterward.
banana spider

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