Whirl Wind Week – March 19, 2015

Well. What a week. I´m not going to remember everything, so let me try and get out as much as I can. Yesterday in the conference with Elder Andersen was cool. I was sitting in the back row of our mission. He shook every missionary´s hand (the area presidency did too). I was the first missionary in the building to shake his hand. That was a little weird. From Elder Andersen I learned more about taking the scriptures into your heart, to be able to use them in any moment. I also saw Dave from the East Mission. Not sure how the picture of us turned out. I´m on a weird computer that isn´t letting me look at it very easily. Dave goes home in 15 days. How weird is that…
Dreyton and David
Any way. Changes! I am now in Esquintla. So I´ve now been in all three of the zones of the coast. I like it here. It´s still hot.The house is pretty bad–
Escuintla apartment 1 Escuintla apartmen 2
But I like it better than Tiquisate, because there´s no dust on my desk!
My new house has cockroaches, and no toilet seat. But the shower is the favorite I´ve had in my mission. The shower head is above my head, and it actually has a pretty good radius, and good pressure too. The temp is good for the climate too. The bare concrete walls and floor distract a bit, but not much. (I´m getting way too used to living in a world where everything looks like a campsite, a prison, or an unfinished basement).
It´s also cool because there are several investigators here that have church attendances, so the first day I came in the evening we committed a guy with 7 church attendances.We put a fecha fija (fixed date) with him for this Sunday. There was a very strong Spirit directing that visit.
My new companion is really good. He´s really quiet. A little Honduran named Elder T.  I´m very impressed with him. Some of his good qualities are humility, a desire to serve others, and his desire to learn more and more about the gospel. He´s doing well in showing me the area even though he is fairly new out of the CCM and hasn’t been in it that long. Elder T´s always doing service, like making me food. He´s also very humble. He doesn’t get angry or upset over correction, and he´s trying to learn and grow. I think this will be a good change. It should also go quickly.
I have two hours now that I´m training him. It´s basically me teaching him the whole time, too. We leave at 11 am to work every day. So to get the full four hours of study, and get ready, and exercise, we have to get up at the latest at 5:30 am.
I joked with my friend, Elder J, yesterday. After my mission I´ll join the Airforce, because I know it´ll be easier.
Siesta time would be cool.
The time is going by faster and faster. I can’t hardly believe that I have six months in the field. I´d don´t really get it. I hate to be cliche about it, but it´s true. It´s almost time for general conference again. The last time was my first weekend in the field, remember?
By the way I´ve had some “prepare me for real life” money experiences here. The first two weeks of the month in Tiquisate I tried to withdraw money from the church card they give us and that they load up every month. Both times the ATM didn´t work, and so I had to call the finance secretary to cancel the transaction with the bank, and I didn´t have money for the week. And we were getting pressure from our landlord and the laundry lady to pay for the month. So, that was stressful.
All in all, I´m really pretty happy.  My leaders here appear chill and  loving.The zone leaders are very caring and encouraging. So we´re going to go to work. I feel pretty good that I can go to an entirely new place, where I know no one, and don´t know the area at all, and feel absolutely no stress at all about it.
Sorry to leave you probably with unanswered questions, and many new ones. All in all, it has been another week in the lovely, little country of Guatemala.
Elder Schafer

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