Así es la vida – March 24, 2015

The work goes on. We had our baptism this last Sunday, and a member referred us to her 11 year old nephew who has been coming to church for 3 years. It appears that his mother will be willing to give permission. We´re going to be continuing to follow up with that. It was a cool moment to receive that reference from a member after sacrament meeting.
Baptism 3.22 2These pictures are from the baptism. The Latino on the far side from me is my companion, Elder T.
Elder T continues to learn. He has desires to progress, which are serving him. He also enjoys working hard. He is and will be a great missionary. He trusts in the Lord, and has great faith, which will help him become who he needs to be. We´ve also been practicing his English a lot, because that is one of his big personal goals to help his family after his mission.
The house here. Yeah. It´s pretty bad. But nothing will ever be as bad as the first house I was sent to live in. There´s no mold here. I´m pretty happy with the house all considered. I´ve had other problems the last few days. Diarrea. I called the nurse on Saturday and I´ve been taking some pills she told me to buy the last few days. All in all a pretty sucky experience, but not as painful as the chikungunya. Good experiences though… once they´re over.
So I was asked what things are important in preparing for a mission. Missions aren’t really what people expect. Most young men and women don’t go out understanding what a spiritual, mental, and emotional strain it´ll be.
Things are pretty good right now, but I think what helped or made me get through times that were more terrible than I care to remember at the beginning, was that I couldn´t deny that I believed in God.
Personal worthiness is really important too. If know you are worthy, then you really do feel and acknowledge the power and omnipotence of God, and that means you believe that you are where you are representing His church. If that´s not true, then when things really are terrible, why not retreat to that world back there where everything is easy?
Another helpful way to prepare as a missionary is to plan for the future after the mission before you leave. Remember how I focused so much on my college plans? My mission was and is an integral part of my preparation for the things I want to do in life. I can´t accomplish my life’s goal if I don´t learn here.
A detailed plan isn’t necessary, but they need an idea, and should know where they are going immediately after. Then they´ll have more perspective and a greater personal identity than many missionaries who still don´t know who they are, what the heck they´re doing here in life, and what they actually want.
I know who I am. What I like, and what I want to do. And I´m going to change and learn to adapt myself better to accomplish those things and make who I am better.
Elder Schafer

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