Another Week, Another 281 Contacts with 74 Families – April 1, 2015

Well, we´ve had quite a week. Stressful with two divisions, with the Zone Leaders, and then with the Traveling Assistants.  But also boring, because nothing really is different.
Divisions are like having your boss come to evaluate your performance when you don´t even talk to your boss on a regular basis. The Zone Leaders call you at ten the night before, or during your morning studies, and you throw together an overnight bag to leave, if you´re leaving. Otherwise you stay and lead the boss guy around.
This mission also has a unique thing in that we have four assistants. Two have the job to go around and do divisions everyday. The two companionships work in the same area, then they sleep in your house, and do all of your studies with you. We did that Monday and Tuesday morning. It seemed to go okay.
Elder T continues to learn and progress very quickly. Elder P commented that a strong point of his is that he´s taking the initiative. He was able to lead in the divisions, and he´s done very well leading and showing me the area. I´m impressed with his diligence and desire to improve.
What have I been doing? I wrote some letters that I won´t be able to send until I have interviews or changes. So they might arrive in May. Maybe June! I´ll keep writing more. If the mail system works right in theory you should get like a months worth of letters the same day.
Tell Bro. H from church that his quote about a baptism in South America every time a missionary knocks a door in Japan is true… But maybe the missionaries in Japan, just really need to knock more doors, because my President says I should baptize cada semana (weekly). They say the world wide average for contacts per missionary companionship per day is seven. We have to have 35. If we talk to a thousand people, maybe one gets baptized. Your results will match your efforts here in this mission.
I hope I can continue to work very hard and be goal oriented and focused and everything after my mission… but I also hope I can sleep a little bit more, and eat a whole lot healthier.
Love the ever sarcastic, loving, and hopefully becoming more Christlike and repentant,
Elder Schafer

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