La Misión, la misión

I´ve felt this to be an up and down week, but we keep going, and God helps us solve our problems, right? Elder T has shown one of the gifts he has in organizing and communicating effectively with the ward and members. He´s a builder.
Elder T
We´ve also been working to prepare the Hermana A for her baptism this Sunday. She truly is a miracle and we´re thankful and proud of her. She´s a true convert.
We had a miracle with our church attendance. A couple that we stopped visiting about two weeks ago because they weren´t progressing came to church. The problem they have is that they aren´t married. The sister wants to get married, but the brother always throws up obstacles. The brother has had contact with the church much of his life (he lived about half of his life in the US). All of his children there in the states are baptized members. We´ll keep the faith and work with them a little more, especially if they´re willing to go to church.
Now another installment of a multi-part series started last week – a basic day in the Guatemala City Central Mission. I wake up at 5ish with the phone alarm (I put on a happy, morning alarm, and not a buzzer). Then I roll out of bed to say a prayer, half asleep. Put on my watch and exercise a little (to be honest, no hay energia muchas veces para hacer mucho -often no energy to do much).
After that, I eat while my comp showers, and I shower while he eats. Then we´re all dressed in missionary clothes to begin sweating for the day… and studying.
One hour of personal study (LDM, PMG, and other scriptures, and writing in the study journal), then two hours of comp study because my companion is in training. We call members to figure out or invite them to visits, and plan specifics of what we´ll teach during important visits. We practice a little. Then an hour of language study (on a side note, my companion says that gramatically, and in pronuonciation, my Spanish is basically perfect).
Studying PMG
Then we leave (we pray before we leave). And we walk around and talk to lots of people, and teach lots of lessons in a variety of places (usually in doorways, because we can´t enter houses if they´re isn´t an adult male present, and men are busy working like slaves in Guatemala). And we do that all day, eating lunch at 1pm, and maybe stopping at a tienda or panaderia once. No dinner, right? And we come back to the house at 9pm. We pray, plan for the next day. TFigure    out our numbers for the day. Write in the area book (Which got one of the highest scores in the mission when they graded them last week, btw 97 of 100 points). And we eat. Talk to the district leader. Write in the journal. Brush your teeth. Go to sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat… ad nauseum.
D at desk
We have changes next week. We wouldn´t know if we´ll change or stay until next week. I´ll let you know.
Here is a picture of my bathroom. I realized I hadn´t included it. Also, one day we ran out of TP. You just have to go native and traer papel de un cuaderno. No es bien suave, pero sirve. (It is not cool, but serves.)Bathroom Improv
Love you,
Elder Schafer

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