What a life we live – April 28, 2015

Well, first, the news of changes. I will be remaining in Jacarandas for a second six weeks, and I will be receiving another new. Seven companions in eight months. And I am training again. To be honest, not too excited about that. I was looking forward to sleeping again.
We had our baptism. It about killed me. But we did it. It was a long week. I set up and called everyone to have a nice baptism service for our golden sister, A, and then I had to talk A through all of her concerns. I will never work in counseling.
Baptism 4.26
We have another family that we`d dropped because they wouldn`t come to church then they suddenly decided to start going, but they can`t progress because they won`t get married. Most likely because the man now has about 9 children with 4 women, two in the US and 2 here, one of which is the woman he lives with now. All of his children in the US and Guatemala are baptized members, and one is a police officer in Utah.
So yeah. If I get a new, new missionary, I`ll be managing pretty much everything myself these next few weeks. So please keep praying. I`m learning how to do a lot. Taking lots of stress and demands in an adverse environment. And I don`t think it`s just a once in a lifetime occurrence.

Life isn`t always easy.

That`s an understatement. Everyone has problems. Everyone feels that they aren`t good enough.
It`s like the roads, and the rivers here in Guatemala. Every time I cross a bridge. I want to throw up from the stench of garbage. To look at that, it seems impossible that one day the earth will be cleansed and glorified. But it will.
Just like an imperfect person. A mother. A father. A brother. A sister. A son. Or a daughter. Strange and insignificant, in a giant world. But what can they be? What is the potential of the individuals of this mass of humanity we are part of?
All that the Father has.
To understand how much that is, at some point, we need to be confronted with the reality of the universe.
And realize that happiness comes from doing the right thing. Happiness comes from service. And that service is how you can love anyone. Remembering it is better to start today than in that final day, when the time apportioned to man to repent has run out.
So do hard things. Cry occasionally. Tire yourself out doing good. And your heart will change in ways you can not describe.
Be happy, dang it!
Love, Elder Schafer
PS I took  my companion to the doctors office yesterday, and got him in and through the office all in Spanish. I`m ready to be a grownup and have kids now…

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