De la semana pasada (Last Week) – May 5, 2015

Child by Tree

Just to get this out of the way before I forget. Yes. I will get to talk to you on the 10th, Mothers Day. We will call on Skype. We will have 40 minutes. So get ready. I love you! 

Training a new is interesting. Because you pretty much do everything, and correct them a lot, and make them contact people to lose their fear, and throw the lesson to them every few minutes. But I plan everything, do the area book, check the data we have to report, and make dinner every night. And I still manage to write a little in my journal.

Elder R seems to be adjusting well. It´s been a very enjoyable week, and we enjoyed the best pday I think I´ve had in my mission together. I see in him humility and a desire to do things well. We´ve been working on how we begin teaching situations and on the Restoration this week. I´m doing my best to give him time in the lessons from the beginning. And he learns quickly.

Stand on the Beach

I know I wouldn´t have had such a smooth week without your prayers. Thanks for thinking about me. It was not by my own strength I made it through the week. Because we had a lot of setbacks like no one came to church. And a family I was trying to get married won´t be able to because of laws and economics, and the world kind of sucks. So I really need those prayers. It was hard to be resilient a few days last week. But with your help I did it.

And I got called as Leader of Retention of the Zona.

This week I´ve learned a great deal about organization and oversite, trying to execute and magnify my calling as retention leader. Now we have the whole zone organized on when to report the numbers, when to pass the names of those attending to the district retention leaders, and when they pass those names to me. Then I´ll be calling companionships to do follow up and make sure they´re visiting and trying to serve their converts. There are a lot of very responsible guys in the zone.

I´ve also been studying and learning about grace. I would call grace the enabling part of the atonement. I read the talk on that subject at BYU by Brad Wilcox in the Liahona. He talked about how we aren´t going to be perfect in this life, and that we will fall and make errors, but if we are always changing and progressing, we are having success, and we can feel the mercy and love of God and Christ.

I haven´t received my birthday package, by the way. But that´s okay. It´ll come the next change or two. I´m looking at buying some nice scripture cases for a set of Spanish scriptures as a recuerdo (memento). And I want to buy a very short machete or knife with one of the typical covers.
I am sending letters and thank you cards, but they probably won´t arrive until August or September in the States. And any cards and letters people send me now probably won´t come to me until July.
Anyway. More prayers is really all I can ask for. Also, don´t know if you heard, but the coasts of Honduras, El Salvador, and part of Guatemala flooded because of other reactions to the Nepal earthquake. I´m safe. But it´s cool.
Crush Stand
Love you,
Elder Schafer

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