I just saw you didn’t I? – May 11, 2015

It was nice to talk to you. The thing about the Skype is that it´s a chance really for you to get to see me and hear me. In light of how impersonal Skyping is from the church with other missionaries in the background, I figured if I just talked to you and gave you enough of me and memories to last until Christmas that that would be good.
Well. The other great thing about last Sunday is that all of the districts reported their retention numbers before 10:15. I think we may have been the first of all of the zones in the misión to report our retention numbers. Which really isn´t important at all… but it makes me feel good.
They moved our temple trip by the way. To later in May.
 This is the misión that throws a million different things in your lap from different people and directions, and you have to try and figure out how to do it all passably well. It´s great training for planning well in the long and short term, and how to deal with crisis management. I´m definitely getting our money´s worth in terms of life experience.
But in the moment. what do we do? Just keep working. And trying to enjoy what we have, and whistling while you work. I don´t even know what to do any more when I´m not doing anything. Better to read or sleep than do nothing. If I have nothing to do in college and I´m not tired, I´ll probably just go on a walk, or do something.
I´m a lot happier when I have lots of things going on that nothing. Life´s pretty good. And May is almost half over already. Two more changes and I´ll have just a Little more than one year. Then it´s all downhill right? Kind of.

It´s been a good week. It´s felt rather long. Lots of visits, and working for our baptism. The joven that we baptized fell this week while he was working construction and hurt his foot. We went to get him early in the morning Saturday to make sure he got to his interview. While we were waiting at the church I asked him ´what do you like to do for fun.´ ´Read in the book,´ he said, pointing to my Book of Mormon. I´m hoping to get his parents married. His mother came to church for the first time on Sunday for his baptism. She usually works in a house on Sundays.

I have divisions with the zone leaders today. It should be nice to get to go out with a missionary with more experience for once. It´s tiring to run everything. But I really like Elder R. Elder R speaks English. And it´s basically perfect. He even has the irregular forms of lots of verbs. He´s a little sick today. But he seems to be doing better.
I was thinking the other day. I´m going to compile all of the emails, and my responses, and the letters I´ve gotten from you, and I hope you´re going to be saving the one´s I send, because I´ll need them. Compile them all together, in chronological (saber) order, and have them bound in a book…
Then I´ll read it and try and figure out what actually happened on my misión. Because, really, I´m just living it.
Elder Schafer

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