On We Go – May 25, 2015

Today, I had a problem with my computer, so I don’t have much time to write. While I was just sitting there with the broken computer, I decided that I would call President, because, after all, if I’m worthy and doing my job, it’s his responsibility to make sure that I keep going.
He told me a bunch of cliches. But I feel better. It was the normal advice. Who’s attacking you? Satan. What do you need to do? Keep going. He did say that I’m not the first phone call he’s had. That the leadership in the whole mission feels like this.
My birthday was actually pretty good. The day before was probably the best day I’ve had in my mission. I had divisions with my zone leader Elder C. He’s a very good missionary. As in that I felt the spirit the whole day, and I had a very fun time teaching. After all, teaching is my job, and my only pastime.
Love you, and sorry for the typos. The keyboard is different today.
(Every apostrophe was a ] before the editor fixed them.)
Elder  Schafer

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