Better Week – June 2, 2015

The big news of my week is that they´re taking both the Elders out of the other área in our Ward. It´s divided in half into two áreas. But those guys had about 10 weeks straight that they didn´t baptize. So they´re getting pulled out, and we´re opening the other side of the Street. It´ll be one big área. I´m not sure if we´ll have changes. Weird things happen in this misión. It could be that I leave and Elder R gets a new trainer, and opens it all. Or he could leave and I could receive someone. Or we could both stay. We know that at least one of us is staying. I think we both are, from what the office told me today when they called me.
So I have a new área to explore at least. Opening is cool, because you break the pattern that the missionaries have set in the old área. You baptize, because you start all over again in your relationship with the people. They say that sometimes, you just have to take out the missionaries, and start over, to get out of a rut of visiting the same people, and saying the same things.
What else is interesting in my life? I´m watching the father of my convert J, slowly die of  diabetes. He doesn´t take the meds he does have, which are just a few insulin pills, at night, and in the morning. He can´t work either. He has no strength, and he has a toe that is slowly dying and gets worse everytime he puts on shoes. We found him passed out, drunk in his hammock the other day. It makes one very thankful for the medicine we have for my sister. It also makes me think a lot about all of the social welfare programs and things that provide for people back home. Here, they´ve never even heard of the idea of a food bank, and they buy for the week or for the day. No one has any money to save.
It makes you stop and think. We have alot to be grateful for.
Oh, about Elder Perry. I heard, from some less actives with Facebook. But it has not actually been announced to us officially. I don´t even think the Bishop knows here. Which shows you how bad communication is in the third world.
That´s the difference. Communication, and initiative. People ask for things, and they put forth effort to get them back home. Maybe it´s cultural, maybe it´s more education. But those are the main reasons (along with much less corruption) that the US is different from Guatemala. Because the way you lived in the 70´s, 60´s, and Grandma and Grandpa in the 40´s and 50´s is not that different from the richer people here in Guatemala.
Got to go, love you,
Elder Schafer

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