Wintertime is Here! – June 9, 2015

The climate in Escuintla is actually becoming rather enjoyable. Now it´s starting to feel like spring, and I like it (although there are threatening rain clouds almost all the time). But I doesn´t bother me much to get soaked through anymore (my first day was a day like that).
About Laundry and Meals….The person who does our laundry varies depending on the area. Its always a member. Here, it’s the Bishop´s wife. She´s very nice. We eat with members when they invite us. Once every two or three weeks. But when they invite us, its always one or two members who decide to do it in the same week. We usually eat beans and rice, or chow mein (Guatemalans like, and eat chow mein, who know, right?)
Well, to tell you about changes… Elder R and I will stay here. And we will open the other area, and work in the whole ward. But we have to go to change meeting. I´ll probably be going up to district leader. But, the only other missionaries in my district will be the zone leaders, so that shouldn´t be hard at all.
I´m excited. I have a whole other area to explore. Some of the members of the other side are more active, so we´re going to use them. I want to try and unify the ward a little more, because the people of the both sides of the street don´t really know one another. We´ll see. But there are also millions more doors to knock, and really- that´s all I need to be happy right now.
So we´ll see how the next few weeks go. I´m hoping that they´ll give the job of retention secretary to someone else in the Zone. We´ll have one new zone leader, because Elder C (who has had only 3 areas in his mission, two of them in Escuintla) is finally going to see more of Guatemala. Elder R has been fun to live with, and we´ll be fine for another month and a half.

Family E is doing well. They came to Stake Conference.We visited them last night, and had a miracle. The man, V, his son in the states was going to come to baptize him. But it appears that he couldn´t get his plane ticket. They talked about waiting until August, when he could come. But yesterday, V told us: I just need to be good with God. We´re going to get married and baptized when we planned; the 20 of June.

I want you to know that I have not done any of the work to help this family. I have taught and done my part. But the insurmountable obstacles that keep coming, and the miracles that hurdle them, are only worked by the Spirit. Satan does not want them to get baptized. V has had problems with the law of chastity his whole life, and suddenly female friends are starting to call him. And he just finished up his construction contract, so he has no work. We´re going to be visiting him, or passing by in the mornings, and we´re sending him a scripture in the Book of Mormon every day by text.

 It´s so strange to think that it has been almost a year. The second one will be much faster. Who knows where I´ll go, or who I´ll be with. But it´ll be good. I´m enjoying it more. These are pictures of me on divisions. This is in front of the colonia where I live, in a heavy downpour.
Downpour blurryDownpour

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