Well, we´ve all had quite a week (including my birthday box arriving), huh? – June 16, 2015

This has been kind of a strange week. Interesting. And very instructive. Elder R and I fasted on Sunday. I was fasting for a miracle. We were trying to baptize an investigator from our new area. The granddaughter of a member. Her mother (nonmember) wanted to see the baptism. But she got sick and went to the hospital in the early morning Sunday. I tried calling her, but she had left her phone at home. The whole thing was hard. And left us feeling a little down. But when we got to church, at the very last moment, seven investigators showed. Which was a miracle. And, then another  baptism was confirmed. We didn´t even see her come into the meeting, but she came, and was confirmed. So I got some miracles I wasn´t expecting.
We had a strange experience too. I think I could have a career in Public Relations if I wanted to. It was interesting. Because twice this week, I felt almost like a detective in an episode of Law and Order for a bit.
One occurred during a lesson that we found in the night Sunday was with a man who appeared a little nervous when we knocked on his door and introduced ourselves. But he received us, and talking a little bit to start teaching he told us this experience: That 4 years ago, when his family was living in another part of Guatemala, the missionaries visited and taught his daughter (who was 12 at the time). Afterwards, one of the missionaries began calling him and told him that he wanted to have a relationship with his daughter. When the man responded ´no´the missionary began to use foul language, and continued calling him so incessantly that he changed the chip in his phone to avoid the calls. Then the ex-missionary found the daughter’s account in Facebook. The last message was about a year ago. But the man and his family are still paranoid and worried that one day this man will show up. So we testified about the healing power of the atonement, and took the information of the ex-missionary.
Another thing that happen was that one of the converts here, a teenage girl, found the Facebook of the Elder who baptized her, and she saved photos of him, and then posted them on her own Facebook. Like one he took before his mission with his shirt off, wearing sunglasses. A member mentioned it to us so that we would be aware if anyone in the ward said anything. The Elder didn´t do anything wrong with the girl, and it really wasn´t his fault. But we see a lesson in online responsibility now.
Anyway. Opening the other side of the road has been fun. And tiring. And giving the talk in District meeting was fun today.
The mission is suddently very young. I got called as a district leader in changes (but its just two companionships, us, and the zone leaders, so that´s pretty easy). The problems that seem to be happening are to do with immaturity, and irresponsibility. Lots of the young kids want to look cool to other missionaries, but they aren´t putting in real effort. Houses in the whole mission are supposed to be a mess, along with area books recording lessons taught and the focus on investigators.
But the Spirit seems to be helping me out. Everything that comes down from on high: new concerns from President, and the Zone Leaders, are all things that I have felt prompted to change or put in order 2 or 3 weeks before. So I´m not feeling much stress for now. It´s a fight to balance it all. Mostly I´m just tired from trying to focus and work. Yesterday in pday, an Elder I didn´t know before (new in our zone) commented, you look like you have more time that me. I asked why Because you look more dead. He has a year and three months.
I got your package for my birthday too! Thanks for the photos. They were a nice lift. The brownie was good. Elder R enjoyed his too.
The Church is true. The journey depends on the day. It´s good, and it´s hard. But I love you and everyone a lot. I have a new appreciation for you all everyday. Tender mercies of the Lord exist. And Satan hates us and doesn´t want us to succeed or endure. But we can. Our family, everyone in it can. If we support one another, and each feels the support they need to make their individual decisions, and confront their challenges,
Have a great week. I´m about to finish ten months. These are my agendas. There´s one for every cambio. Only ten more to go.
Elder Schafer

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