I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills – June 23, 2015

They say Guatemala is in a political crisis. Millions of Quetzales have disappeared in the government, and people are calling for the removal of the President. They´re supposedly demonstrating in the centers of large cities, and in Zone 1 of the capital. It would all be pretty cool to follow, but we can´t watch or read the news, so it´s all second hand. It´s also election year. So we´ll have to see if they don´t keep us in our houses for a few days around that time as tensions, and anti-american sentiments will be highest around that time.
There have also been two killings of bus drivers in Escuintla in the last week by extortionists.
And an 18 year old kid got run over by a bus in my area the other day. We saw him in the street. The bus wheel had passed completely over his pelvis. There wasn´t much blood, but apparently he passed away a few days ago. They buried him two days ago.
Not gonna lie. This has been the coolest stuff I´ve heard about or seen in my mission. Still haven´t seen any shooting though.
No gringos have come into the mission in like two changes. Both of my latino trainees are good missionaries and love it, so I guess I´m doing something right. I hope.
I love you so much. Take care everyone. And if you have a few idle minutes, write me an email or letter, va? I like to have the most mail in the district in changes!
Elder Schafer
Guatemala Guatemala City Central Mission
Apartado 921-A Zona 9
01009 Guatemala City
Elder Schafer

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