Weddings and Antigua and What? – July 7, 2015

What a crazy week. We had the wedding. It was pretty cool. E worked really hard. She really wanted to get married, so organized pretty much everything. We offered help, but we didn´t do much. Set up chairs, moved tables. It was one of the best events I´ve seen in connection with the church in Guatemala. Then at about 9:10 pm, we baptized them and a teenage kid, (J, who´s the nephew of my convert A, who´s mom died so she could get baptized) Then after the late baptism, we ran all the way home, and got inside the house and called the zone leaders at 9:29 pm. Right before the limit.
Missionaries and Married Couple
Elder Rameriez
JS baptism
It was all a good experience though, and the ward members have more respect for us now that they see the fruits of our efforts. We´re working with the ward to organize a missionary activity. Una Feria Misional: like a college fair, but with the returned missionaries of the ward sharing recuerdos and photos, and stories of their missions. And a dish of comida typica. To invite investigators, and to animate the jovenes to go on missions. There are lots of returned missionaries here in the ward, and Elder R and I thought it would be good to help them remember the spirit they felt on their missions too.
Then we went to Antigua on Monday. Antigua was cool. Lots of pictures of the cathedral. Old, and new. And the square in the center. All of the gringos there are weirdos. Or too tourist.
Antigua building
 Cathedral11 Cathedral Arches 2New Cathedral1
Park Fountain Cathedral Park
I´m really thankful for everything that´s been happening. The baptisms were all miracles, along with all the people who are beginning to attend church. From a meeting with President today and the zone training, I plan to find all of the converts without photos in the carpeta in the next few days. We´ll also continue visiting those from the last few months. About all from the last three months are attending.
The response to the Supreme Court was about what I expected. It´s worded well. The church has been very careful and measured in it´s response to things like this the last few years. I´m sure Elder Oaks drafted it. I´m pretty sure that´s the church´s stance on these things are the major part of his assignments from the 12. Of course, they really aren´t 12 right now, huh? We heard about Boyd K Packer the same day, because I´ve been lucky and we´ve visited less actives connected the facebook the two days apostles died.
The 4 of July. It was a special day for the wedding here. And, I´ve thought a lot about the things we enjoy in the US. I think about how there are states on the great plains with more area being actively cultivated than 5 Guatemalas. All of the coal and hydroelectric energy. The systems of government, that, although we lament them many times as invasive, and wasteful, at least make sure that the people have every basic necessity to live that they could every need. And the sad fact that all that the American people want is more. The poor of America are not familiar with poverty. Other things: our police aren´t corrupt. Our soldiers are in other countries, and don´t need to patrol our streets.
We are really blessed.
Anyway, love you,
Elder Schafer
Elder R & S

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