All of Guatemala drives Mazdas

Not much to write home about this last week. Just two incidents. First, an investigator came to church drunk. He drinks pure alcohol, and always tells us his full name, C___ U___ P___R____, oren por mi (pray for me). It was rather sad. He´s the father of the joven we baptized the same day as family E He´s also A´s brother, my convert who got baptized in April. But he was nice and docile, so we just let him sit there and made sure he got to the classes. Then he asked my companion for money for his bus ride home But if I give you money, you´ll just buy alcohol. Responded C No, no, este es manana. (Tomorrow he´ll do that.) Poor guy.
We also both got a little sick yesterday. We both woke up with body aches. Other than that our symptoms were different. I had a headache, and I just felt a little stomach pain, not much. My companion had stomach pain, a mild fever, and nausea. He threw up two times. So we took five hours of pday and slept, and we felt a little better. Then we got up today and we feel normal. No idea what it was, but I´m glad it´s over.
We´re continuing to work on the retention.  All of our converts are coming right now, so as we start planning out, we´re going to make sure they go to the temple next month, on the 29th with the ward temple trip. We gave a list of all of the converts of year 2015 to the ward secretary to have the bishop interview them. We´re also going to figure out who the converts need to contact with the information of their ancestors and do the family history stuff. The E family already asked us when they could go to the temple to do baptisms. We also gave them one of the Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple booklets. They´re planing to move to Tiquisate in the next few months, and I want them to be a strong family out there to help with the work. V says everyone in the aldea (village) is his family. So the missionaries should use them alot in the next few months.
It´s been a long week, but we´ve been working hard. We´re hoping to baptize two this weekend. That´s our goal.
Something I always forget to mention. In Guatemala, just about all of the cars are Mazdas. Toyotas too. I´ve seen models that I´ve never seen in the US. Do they even sell HiLux pickups in the US? That´s all the military and police here use. Lots of Proteges. And lots of Mazda3´s. A few Fords. But mostly Japanese cars, and motorcycles. Vespas or motorscooters too.
Love you,
Elder Schafer
Hermano Miguel A Family

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