All Quiet… – July 28, 2015

It´s been a fairly boring week. More boring than yours I gather. It sounds like pretty much the whole mission didn´t have changes. Elder B, my zone leader told me that unlike usual, when it´s packed at the changes meeting, there was almost nobody there. It´s all just weird.

I´m feeling like a strange mental fatigue. I´m tired of doing this. But we keep going. Every time I feel like this I have divisions and the little switchup helps me keep going. So today I have divisions and I´m going to G with Elder B. It should be fun, and it´s one day that I don´t need to worry about the schedule or where we´re going or anything other than participating a little in the lesson.

It´s a hard life sometimes for no reason at all. I´m really happy with my companion, and we get along really well. But my personal thing has been this kind of tiredness and feeling a little lonely this week. Especially starting a 5 week month. I hate 5 week months, because it just makes me think of the numbers, numbers, numbers, and makes me angry that Central America is a forgotten backwater without training, support, real leadership, or materials. In other parts of the world they have more materials than they could ever need. In my house in North America I have four copies of the Book of Mormon!

But, when you´re out here, especially tired, and in the heat, all of the problems and annoyances seem a whole lot bigger than they really are. It´s all just rather difficult. But we keep going. Because what else would we do?
We´ve found several opportunities. The ward secretary, who is a recently returned missionary from mission Guatemala Sur, gave us a reference of a neighbor, who wants to be baptized. We´re teaching her in the house of this missionary´s family. We also had the son of some less actives who isn´t baptized just show up in church on Sunday. We found him that same afternoon and put a fecha. So we´re rolling along.
You can´t really just quit. And for all of the trouble that it is to be involved in the church, where else do we go? There is no other place to send your kids and expect them to learn how to be good people. Nor is there any other place that encourages parents to teach their children.

I´ve thought for a while that the Church and the BSA would eventually split. We´ll see what happens. But, really, what is the BSA? Values and abilities are taught by people. The BSA is just an organization that wears a tan shirt and hands out badges. Maybe we´re getting to the point where every family needs to be self´sufficient. Maybe parents need to just teach their children the things we learn in scouts. They´re basic things to live. But lacking in Guatemala.
Thanks for all you taught me about finances, Dad. Thanks for trying to help me learn how to clean and cook, Mom.Thanks for teaching me to be kind to other people, and honest, something very important. Thanks for supporting me in the things I wanted to do, and letting me read and learn about the world. You´re the best parents in the world, and you never took a merit badge course to learn how to do it.

So if my sons aren´t Eagle Scouts, does it matter? If I take the time to teach them things?Tell them what I think, and encourage them to learn and make good choices? It doesn´t matter at all whether they can recite the oath and law, and shake with their left hand. Because it´s not the badge that matters. It´s who you are. The only physical uniform that matters in life is the one you wear out of the temple. That´s the only one that ever has mattered.
From Adam down to Joseph Smith, and on to Thomas S. Monson, it is what you have written on your heart within that matters.

I love you.

Elder Schafer

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