What a world – July 21, 2015

No changes. 6 more weeks here with Elder R. But he and I are enjoying it together. I´m pretty happy, only a little stress. We had a baptism this week! It´s been a good month for that. The problem with having 4 baptisms this month is that now we have to find more new people, or convince lots of people to get married. We were also thinking about cheating, and asking the primary for the names of kids who were blessed as babies, but never baptized, and now are older than 9.
Cuban Hat
In other news, a less active family gifted me this hat. I just asked the brother, hey, where did you buy that hat?
In the paca.
It´s really cool.
If you like it take it.
Gracias hermano!
He said that they told him it was from Cuba. Who knows, but maybe it´s a real communist military hat. It is for sure real military surplus. I like it.
Baptism 7.19.15
Also here is a photo from the baptism. The father of the kid we baptized really likes Mark 6:24, which has a different translation in Spanish than English. In English it says man cannot serve God and Mamon. But Spanish is no puede servir Dios y las riquezas. (Can’t serve God and wealth.)
Flooded street
Also there´s a picture of the water in the street in the colonia. Everywhere, the roads turn into rivers here.
So yeah, I´m here in Guatemala, living in a bloc house. It seems in some ways to have gone by fast. It others, that I´ve been away from home a very long time. I´m going to get some heavy culture shock when I come back. I can feel it.

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