Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad – August 11, 2015

It´s been a good week. Rumors about the apostle which aren´t rumors. (It´ll be President Nelson coming to visit us.)Teaching crazy people. Being rejected by Christians. The good, the bad, and the ugly. But it´s been a lot of fun.
I baptized this kid last Sunday.
Yoni Jumique
There´s also Agapito. He´s first assistant in the high priest group leadership. He says he was baptized by a guy who became an embassy consul.
Some cool graffiti.
And my roof that heats up the house like a stove during the day. I just had to take a picture to remember it.
I mostly wanted to talk this week about how thankful I am for all I have been taught me in life. Right now, I live in a place where the adults really do not have better knowledge or coping or life skills than their children.
I am grateful for teachings about financial literacy, saving, and investing from my dad, and thankful for a mom making me learn how to read, and helping me love to do it  I am so grateful for the examples I saw at home of how you should treat your spouse that leaves me amazed when I see other people in their dysfunctional relationships. My parents aren´t perfect. Dad gets a little down in the dumps sometimes. And it was a bad day when Mom figured out how Powerschool worked.
In Jesus the Christ, Talmage talks about how none of us can be perfect in this life like Christ, but we can learn to be perfect within our sphere of understanding. We´re always learning and progressing, from grace to grace, and line upon line. But with what we know, what commandments and knowledge we have been given, although, we do not have an absolute perfection like Christ, we can have a relative perfection.
You didn´t have a manual. You didn´t feel like you knew what you were doing, and you probably still don´t sometimes. But you are perfect parents in the sphere of what you know, your intentions, and what you are trying to do.
Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love you so much. Thanks for taking the time to take me to the mountains, Dad. I´m sorry for the times you felt bad when I didn´t go. Thanks for making me confront problems in school, and work for my grades, Mom. Thanks for having us eat dinner together, read the scriptures at night, and have family home evening.
You picked a good day to get married (August 17). Right before school starts, so you have an excuse not to have an expensive honeymoon. At the end of the summer, to get everything ready. Maybe I´ll get married on your anniversary someday. That way I´ll never forget yours or mine!
Love your son,
Elder Schafer

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