Let it be – August 4, 2015

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom. Let it be…”
I don´t have much time today. I had computer problems, and that´s why I don´t have much time. So I´ll tell you the important stuff, fast. First, attached is the photo of my new backpack bottom. I was on divisions last week and I asked a sister if she knew someone who could fix the hole that was begining to develop. She offered to do it, free. It works.
backpack patch
We’ve had many good experiences this week. I think a miracle was the son of less actives, who is an investigator, and came to church on his own for the second time in two weeks. He’s really hard to find, and never there when we put a cita with him, but it’s good he got to church on his own.

I’ve also been seeing more changes in my companion. I’m very proud of how he’s been improving his teaching and trying new things. We’re working on a focus from the zone leaders to find more new investigators this month, and Elder R is getting very good with finding opportunities.

I had an idea for recent convert lessons today. To help them develop more their own testimony by helping them learn how to give it. I don’t know that the converts in our area even know how to bear a testimony. So a lesson with them, giving them an example, and then a chance to do it themselves. That’s a new goal I have for the month.

Also, in a few weeks, we´re going to have another visit from an apostle. They say it´ll be the President of the 12. So probably the next prophet is going to be here. It should be cool.
Love you! I´ll write more next week!
Elder Schafer

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