Bleh – August 17, 2015

This week has been fairly bleh.Still it feels like this change has gone by really fast. Elder R is one of my best friends. I`ve learned a lot about faith, and cheerful perseverance from him. It`s been kind of hard, following all of the baptisms we had last month to having no new investigators come to church. But we`ve been trying to change things, and try different ways to help inspire people to come.

Something that I`ve been very happy to see is more visits to less actives and recent converts by the ward leadership. Their ward council meetings have become a little more focused and effective. Two weeks ago, they chose three families to focus on visiting and fellowshiping. Two of the three have some of our recent converts in them. We`ve visited all three of the families, and two of the three came to church yesterday. The ward leaders also got a chance, through their own visits to see how hard it is for us and how much we really try to do to help these people.
And, yes, almost halfway, huh. How weird. E is still hot. But It`s been making rain more. Soaking like that day in Washington DC. Except with no washing machine at the end.
We go to the temple tomorrow. I`m so excited. Zone pday is wasted unless you go to Antigua or the temple. Once we went to Puerto San Jose. It`s just a hot beach, with cool water we can`t touch.
So we`re pretty sure I`m leaving in two weeks, because I`ve been here six months. But who knows. We just keep knocking and contacting, and trying to make converts come back to church.
There are elections in Guatemala too, on the sixth of September. We`ll see if the country explodes. I doubt it goes out in the news there, but it sounds like there has been a scandal involving the President here, or his family, and several million in Quetz stolen. And some energy company that was building a plant here, but had some corruption thing. They say the Prez wants to cancel the elections, and that the leading candidates are drug-traffickers.
Makes Donald and Hiliary look a little better, right?
Hope everyone will enjoy school starting up again. Here, in like October, they`ll finish the year of school. It`s weird.
Love you,
Elder Schafer

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