Hay Cambios – September 1, 2015

Due to worries about the political situation in Guatemala, President Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles ended up going to El Salvador and being broadcast by satellite to the missions here. Elder R and I went to Santa Lucia and watched with all the elders from the coast.
I learned from the conference that we need to not be afraid. We need to be specific and direct, and loving. And we need to tell the people what they need to hear, and not what they want to hear. I´ve also been studying all of the topics that Pres. Nelson gave us in the guide to the scriptures. And I´ve been reading in the Pearl of Great Price. I think what he wanted to convey is that if the large part of the members and converts in Central America are inactive, we need to do something about it. The people, all of them, need to understand that going to the temple is crucial to their salvation-  Just as crucial as baptism. So that´s what I´m going to help my converts do.
And the big news. I have changes! I´m leaving Jacarandas after 6 months. Elder R is staying, so he´ll be there at least 6 months. I pretty much knew on Friday, because in the conference, President came and watched with the missionaries in the coast.  And President came up to me, gave me a hug, and said: “Elder Schafer. Hay cambios.”
Tomorrow we have change meeting, and I´ll find out what happens. There are of course the rumors and politics of the mission. All of the zone leaders are supposedly speculating about four missionaries they think could go up to be zone leaders. Apparently they´ve talked a little about me. I don´t know. I don´t care. Because that´s up to Pres and the Lord. But I´ll probably be a district leader in another place, or a zone leader, because they didn´t call me to train again.
On politics in Guatemala, nothing much has happened, but there are the elections on Sunday, the 6th. So we´ll see if that does something. They say the people riot and burn building and public markets sometimes when their candidate loses. I´ll keep you posted.
Keep praying for the people here. Especially the Enriquez family.  I´m going to be praying for and writing them too. Maybe I´ll be able to go to the temple with them in my last month in the mission!
Hay Cambios, pues.
Elder Schafer

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