I’m back – September 8, 2015

Yes… I´m back in my last zone. Like ten minutes from Rio Bravo…

Well. Let me begin with a spiritual thought: D:C 24:1-8. Trials. Whoopie. We learn. The church is true. Amen.

Well. I like my new area. My new companion is different. But I´m too used to my buddy Elder R. I´m now with Elder B. (Like Los B! The restaurant. Is that place still open? I´d like to go again when I get back and order in Spanish.)

The area is great. It´s huge. All of the members are inactive, which is actually okay. I´m coming to find that I like kind inactives a lot more than faithful members who are jerks.

The church is nice. Very pretty inside. We have no pila bautismal inside. Instead it´s a giant stone basin behind the church. With algae growing in it right now.

There were so few people in fast and testimony meeting here that they had a rest hymn to fill more time.

The area is a lot colder than Escuintla. It´s all basically in the foothills of a volcano. The top of my area is at the foot of the volcano. I haven´t taken any pictures yet, but I´ll try to get some.

The house is nice, and at the same time sucks. It´s more airy, and less like a prision than the other. Because its on a second floor. But our bathroom, and shower are like twenty feet from the room where we study and sleep. Not so nice when it´s pouring outside. When it rains hard, it doesn´t drain well, so the level goes up until it floods our rooms on the floor. So everything needs to be off the ground.

We had the election here two days ago. There were lots of rumors that they were going to burn the Municipal building, but nothing happened. Before the elections, for that first few days, there were lots of protests, but peaceful. They stopped the street to traffic when we were first coming in for changes on last Wednesday. There was one moment that was kind of crazy. Theres only one access road from the highway (basically freeway), and a mob of people from various political parties were blocking trucks from entering, because they didn´t want parties to commit voter fraud and bring in groups of paid people from outside to swing the election for Alcalde. These groups were armed with pistols and machetes. We happened to be passing back toward the pueblo. They didn´t threaten us or anything, but it was crazy to see the group rush in a mass to surround a large truck as it tried to enter. They tried to open up the back to see if they had people inside, but there was a giant lock on it. So they just banged on the sides with the machetes.

That night, one of them accidently shot another member of the group. But there´s been no intentional violence. The next day, the military police kept the road open. And theres been a squad of 10 or 12 militares patroling the pueblo. They´re mostly for presence though. They don´t look very well trained.

But yeah. That´s my adventure. We went and bought ties yesterday. I have fourty ties that I plan to use when I get back. After all, I´ll be wear business professional basically the rest of my life after college, right? Might as well wear it cheap.

I love you. They told us something interesting in zone training this week: My parents aren´t perfect, but they were perfect for me. And how we aren´t perfect, but we are perfect for our areas, and that there are people who we need to help.

Oh! I almost forgot. The other big difference is that I have a big district. We are six. Two sisters (the only ones in the zone), and two more Elders. More responsibility. Yuck. But it´s cool. Makes me feel important. It´s kind of weird to have sisters, because my whole mission I´ve basically been with only Elders. I´ve never been in a district with sisters before. But they´re focused and they work hard.

But yeah. That´s all folks. I love you. It´s wet here. Take care. (Almost 13 months.)

Elder Schafer


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