His Grace is Sufficient – September 29, 2015

I´ve learned a lot this week. First, I was reading the talk On Being Genuine, by Pres. Uchtdorf from the last conference. It´s really good. Especially the section, Potemkin Programs, and The Church is a place of Healing, Not Hiding.

I also learned how awesome my parents and scout leaders were to teach me how to manage my money. There were some problems with that this week in my district.

I also have learned more about love. I think I know my Savior better. There´s a good talk, also by Pres. Uchtdorf, from the last conference on that as well.

It is a tender mercy that we have conference this weekend. I¨m looking forward to it.

We will get to watch conference, and we will watch it in the chapel in Santa Barbara, which is awesome! We don´t have to do any awkward traveling. All of the sessions. I´ll probably watch them all in Spanish, but I´m good with that.
Sorry that my letters and emails have a depressed tone. That´s just a reflection of how I´ve felt lately. I´ve felt very conflicted, and tired. But I´ve found a lot of comfort in the scriptures lately. Like 2 Nephi 8:6-7, 11-12.

Today, in the morning we had a meeting with the zone, and the assistants, which was pretty much just abuse. And some false doctrine. It was about numbers. “The standards of excellence.” I always achieve them, and my district too. So I´m not going to let the assistants disturb my peace in Christ Jesus.

They told us, using the parable of the 10 talents, that if we didn´t multiply our talents, and be more diligent, the Lord would not say enter in, thou good and faithful servant.
They also twisted Moroni 7:43-45, and made a pause after where it says Charity suffereth…  They didn’t add long.

That was a lie.

It doesn´t make me mad anymore. I don´t care.

What makes me sad is that they missed grace. They missed what love and charity really mean. Love for God doesn´t mean that I have 11 lessons with a nonmember and  a member in the same room each week. It means I tried to love and nurture, and invite, and lift up the broken-hearted.

The Zone Leaders were in the district meeting, which I conducted afterwards. I departed from the theme I had prepared, and focused on Grace. Moroni 10:32, and those last verses as he says goodbye. Just like that awesome talk on Grace from that BYU devotional.

We can not be perfect. How can we be saved when we can do our best, but we don´t achieve perfection? Because Christ made up all the difference. We´re okay. That doesn´t mean that we don´t need to suffer. This is all to prepare us for something more. But we shouldn´t feel that the Lord won´t accept our humble, imperfect offering.

Because that´s the gospel. Trying to be better. But never being perfect, until through Him, after all we can do.

Love Elder Schafer


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