Here Comes the Sun – October 6, 2015

Conference was awesome. I especially enjoyed the first talk by Pres Uchtdorf. He had the two best talks. That of the morning on Saturday, and in Priesthood session. The one of the morning was exactly how I was feeling. But I´ve sucked it up, and I´m good.
The other was about faith. Which is what I need to keep working, and have fun. Faith is about having a good attitude. Laughing when the people turn off the lights and hide at 8:30pm, instead of feeling cheated that they don´t just open the door, and get baptized.
I also liked how President Monson was so direct. I feel more fortified.
I  am memorizing and pondering Omni 1:26. I´m going to choose a verse to learn and ponder every Monday in the morning, and write it on a little paper, and tape it in my agenda. Then I can use it to check myself and review the scriptures I´ve learned, and when I learned and pondered them. I like it because it´s a way to control your thoughts better. The singing the words to a hymn in my head has never really worked for me.

I´m not perfect. And I’m ready for a change. But I won´t be with my companion next week. . How do I know that I won´t be with my companion again? Because… I´m training again!

These few weeks have been difficult.  But it´s helped me recognize things I want to do better, and change in myself. I´ll be a better trainer than I was last time, or the first time because of this experience.
Yes. I will have my third kid. I´m very excited to train again. Two of my best friends in the mission are those who I´ve trainned. I´m proud of who they have become because of their attitude and their desires to work.
So that´s something to look forward too. Just one more week. Here are some pictures of my comp so you can check out his face.
BadosBados at Baptismal Font
I bought socks yesterday. That was nice. I also bought a new belt, because my old one is pretty much trashed. But I need to poke another hole in this new one, because it´s a little big.
But the world is bright, and I´ll probably be here another three months or so, so I should enjoy it, right? Trying to baptize a few more eight and nine year olds, because grownups are stubborn sinners, and don´t want anything.
About the mud slide: I didn´t even know about it. I know there´s a runoff for the presidential elections on the 25th. But no one in the US will care about that. But it´s the first and only time I´ll find myself in a tiny country, hearing secondhand news of an election the first world doesn´t care about, so I think it´s cool.
Guatemala will make an interesting subject for a few essays in college, por lo menos, va?
Also: it rains here!
Veranda in Rain   Rain
This was a half hour before we left the house yesterday. Falling in sheets. We´re on the second story, right? Only once it happened, but the floor of our house flooded. The drains didn´t let out enough water and it rose. Now they put some new corrugated metal over part of the floor outside, so less water falls there, so it hasn´t happened again. But that one day was also intense because we had no power. Planning the day by candlelight, with the floor covered in water. Sounds like adventure, right?
But yeah. My time is ending to write. I love you so much.
Elder Schafer

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