What a nice week! – October 13, 2015

I have lots of things to be thankful for this week. Every week, but this week is going to be good, and has been. Lots of people wrote me. Like Reed, Bridger, Camden, and Marleise, which all made me feel happy and appreciated.
Well. Changes tomorrow. I hope I get a gringo to train. I´ve been with Hondurenos a long time.
Why is it all so good? I don´t know. I just have hope for something better. I actually had people come to church for the first time in weeks. The church was actually almost full. The branch actually had almost 50 members attending. We had several inactive families that we´ve visited come. One brought a nine year old girl, who does want to get baptized, but we´ve been visiting, and using members, so we´ll see with her.
Another new investigator came, Franci , who is the mother of a less-active lady. She´s expressed interest in being part of the church, but she doesn´t want to move too fast. But we´re working to help her have spiritual experiences, and we´re going to keep challenging her to baptism.

In the book of Mormon, I really enjoyed the chapter of Mosiah, where Abinadi talks about Christ conquering death. We´ve been using the plan of Salvation, and talking about that with Franci, because she also has doubts about what she´s heard of baptism for the dead. But there´s lots of faith and hope, and there´s always more when there´s a new missionary in the area.
One thing that was nice last week, was that the senior missionary couple attached to the mission came to do house inspections, and since I was finishing divisions with Elder Bell, I got to go with them and him to the houses of my district, and to my old house in Rio Bravo, and ride in the car for like an hour or so.
Why is that cool? Because I miss talking to real people… I miss hanging around with adults. That´s why scouts was fun, because I could sit around and listen to the adults. People with education and experience, and who have faith, and live a normal life. I´ve been with young men, and people who are rather childish no matter what their age for a long time. So that was refreshing. Because they´re an old Mormon couple from Burley, and only people from Idaho understand how the world should really work.
And I found a nice pair of shoes that are basically new for $3. With the work the zapatero did, they come out costing $5. Shoe Sole New Shoes
Also, here are pictures of a footbridge right outside the pueblo in my area. Let me know if any of the pictures are good, I really haven´t looked at them.
Suspension Bridge  River 2 Bados at River 1 River 3 River 4
But yeah. That´s pretty much it. I´m trying not to count down my time too much, but Christmas isn´t too far away, and then it´s just eight more months, right? Not really too long.
Anyway. I love you all so much. I´ll let you know about my new companion. My new kid to train!
Elder Schafer
PS. I found that images on my agenda predict how the change goes. So I put this road with the bright, pretty sun on it. The next few with all be happy pictures of Christ. No more atonement pictures!
Agenda Cover

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