Finish Strong with Your Torch Still Lit – October 27, 2015

Well. First I´ll tell you about my week. My weeks go by really fast now. Days too. A whole day passes, and you look down at your agenda and see you taught 11 lessons, and you can´t remember any of it. But it´s fun. I had a strange feeling, yesterday. A little bit of hesitancy, because I realized that I won´t be here to enjoy or explore or experience the world of Guatemala forever. So I took these photos in the mornings two days as the sun comes up.
But yeah. I´m enjoying life. My numbers and stuff just come. Sometimes I have to stress out a little toward the end of the week, but it makes me stretch, and reach out and learn how to communicate, and use relationships with other people for good. Because my problem is usually lessons with a member.
On Sunday a new person came to church. The girlfriend of an inactive member. She´s pregnant with his baby. They have asked us to visit them now, and the girl is reading in the Book of Mormon. And noting down all the scriptures we use in the lessons and marking them. It´s really pretty cool. The problem with them is that the guy lost his DPI. That means it´ll be a while until we can get them married. But we´ll just focus on motivating him to start the process, and helping them both strengthen their testimony. We also noted that it appears that they don´t have many friends, so we´re going to introduce them to a few good members who they don´t really know.
Anyway. I´m taking care of my companion.  He’s feeling less homesick, because I pointed out to him that he would go home and have his whole life with his family. But he´d only have his mission once.
Also: WHY IS MOUNTAIN DEW ALLOWED IN THE PROVO MTC? (I heard a friend emailed home asking his mom to get some sent to him.) Here we can´t drink Coke, or Pepsi, or Big Cola, or Mountain Dew, or energy drinks.  We, Guatemala CCM missionaries, show up to a place that´s way worse than Provo, but a palace compared to what we have in the field. Provo is as close to heaven as you can get.
And that´s a beauty of my mission. I don´t even care about where I am anymore. I´m happy in my dirty house. And the cold water of the shower I forget even before I finish showering. And while I definitely consider myself a materialist, and I want to accumulate and protect the material things I have, occasionally I have thought: what would I do if I lost everything that I have in my suitcases. And I realized that although it´s all cool and special… it doesn´t really matter in the end.
Also, I enjoyed Finish Strong with Your Torch Still Lit. I recommend reading it.
My time is up. But hopefully I´ve learned a little wisdom.
Love Elder Schafer

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