Muchas cosas han sucedido – October 20, 2015

Well, what a crazy fun week. I don´t know where to start. Lots of water. Yesterday it rained all day, until about 10pm. It was a difficult day because of that and the Presidencial debate. Apparently they want to be educated voters in the pueblo. There was a debate between the two candidates for President in the runoff yesterday. No one let us in. They were all watching it on tv. And we couldn´t even stop and just watch. Rules suck, huh?

My new companion is Elder C, from Peru. I like him. He´s very nice. Very homesick. He´s been very nostalgic for home and his family. I´m just trying to make him forget himself and work. But it´s been hard with the work. Our area is difficult in the night. It´s dangerous and dark outside the pueblo, and the pueblo is the same 300 houses. But we keep knocking. He likes to cook, so we cleaned the kitchen, and he´ll be making us both dinner this change. So I get to eat better. He has a Radar-like attitude, which bugs my inner cynic, but it´s a good trait. We´ll see if it survives 6 weeks of knocking the same doors every night.
Our best investigators are Franci, and a little girl named Vidalia. She´s nine, and her family are less-actives. The problem is that the little girl doesn´t want to get baptized until she´s bigger. We´re going to just keep visiting, and trying to help her feel good. Her and her siblings came to church on their own this Sunday, so they like church.
Elder Schafer

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