Greetings from Guatemala –

Greetings from Guatemala,
District at Atitlan.JPG
Life is moving right along. We got rejected at every door and in every contact for two days after interviews last week. So that was fun.
Other than that, we just keep working. We keep inviting people, and searching, and visiting the people that have gone to church. The girl we have progressing is the girlfriend of a less active guy, and they both came to church the second time last Sunday. We´re going to focus to help him figure out his paperwork, because he lost his DPI. They´ve asked us to keep visiting, and are telling us about problems they have. The brother asked us for scriptures he could read. So that´s been cool.
Elder C has been doing good. Laughing and having more fun. He´s trying to convince me to move to Peru after college. He doesn´t much enjoy getting all wet and dirty. Or eating beans. But he´s figuring out how to enjoy the mission, and he had a lot of fun on the zone pday to Santiago Atitlan yesterday.
Yesterday was good. But I dropped my camera, and screwed up the screen on the back. You can kind of see things on the screen, but not really to focus the image or control light very well.
But other than that: Lake Atitlan was cool, like lake Couer D´Alene, but with a volcano. I bought some stuff. That was cool.
Dreyton Lago Atitlan
Life goes on much the same. I enjoy working though. I guess I got lucky with that blessing.
Been thinking too about college, but not too much. Mostly I just live and trying and feel the Spirit. And do good things when I feel I should.
Not much happens here for Halloween. The next day, they celebrate, but they don´t call it Day of the Dead like in Mexico. It´s called Day of the Saints. Everyone goes and paints the graves of their parents or family. The graves are weird here. They build them above ground. Out of bloc and painted in bright colors. Kind of like the houses they live in while they´re alive.
So they go paint those, and leave a cooked root that´s a traditional food, and a little cup of alcohol on top of the tomb. (And one of the converts told us that in the night after, drunks will go and drink the alcohol). There´s also a traditional dish, called fiambre, which is supposted to be a mix of everytype of meat or vegitable you can imagine. I haven´t tried it, because it´s supposed to be expensive, and no one invited us to eat. Christmas is better. Everyone gives you tamales and bread.
But my time is almost over. I love you so much. Thanks for everything. Catch you again next week,
Elder Schafer

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