It´s such a wooonderful woorld… – November 10, 2015

I see sky of blue, and clouds of white…

And only 12 new investigators a week…
And I think to myself…
What a wonderful world…
They threw out the norm of 16 new investigators. Because it killed the baptism number for the mission. That is what we call a tender mercy. I have been so stressed out the last few days. And with the change in the marriage law, my only investigator can´t get baptized. All of that with thinking about how I was going to get my norms this week was killing me.
Our progressing investigator was the girl who´s come to church twice with her boyfriend, who´s less active. They want to get married, and they´ve been reading, and they paid tithing in church on sunday (I helped him fill out the slip). They went to get their paperwork to get married. But there´s a problem. There´s a new law in Guatemala as of last week that menores de edad can´t get married. We called the zone leaders, and they checked with Pres. Granillo in Tiquisate too (he´s a lawyer). So now we´re back to scratch.
But now it´s all better. So happy! And also. They made a change with how we have changes. Now they will be on Tuesday. And the week of changes, we will write on Wednesdays. So you´ll have no idea that I have changes. I´ll just write you on a Wednesday, and I´ll be someplace else if I happen to have them.
But yeah. Elder Cis doing really well. He feels better, and he´s enjoying himself, and we´re pretty good friends.
Another thing, lots of people have been commenting that my Spanish is getting really good. I definitely still speak with a white guy accent sometimes, but my grammar and pronunciation is getting pretty good. So, I´m studying a lot in my grammar exercise book, to get ready to take the college language test next year.
I used to always love autumn and winter, but I don´t know if I would  like the cold weather now I´m getting kind of adjusted to tropical living. I might need long underwear for my first winter at college Because now, I get cold from just being in an air conditioned room. But I do miss the wind and cold. The fall. And I´m jealous of the nap you took Dad.
What else? I always forget something. Oh, yeah. I have a zone conference tomorrow. So I’ll be seeing these people…

Love you! Happy autumn!
Elder Schafer

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