New Companion – November 24, 2015

So there were changes on Friday, because they didn´t want to send home the missionaries on Thanksgiving day. Elder C got moved because of his leg, and I got another from his same group of missionaries: Elder M . From Provo.

He´s really chill. I like him. He´s the youngest in a family of seven kids (or eight, I can´t remember). All I know is that he is the youngest, and he and his brother were the last, and the only boys. So when he showed me a photo of his sisters he said: These are all my moms.

He´s a very cool, and humble guy. He´s also not afraid of working hard, and doesn´t complain. He weighed 190 before going on his mission, and he´s lost 20 or 30 pounds. I´m looking forward to passing Christmas and New Years with him, just working.

The whole mission isn´t really baptizing. District meeting was cool today, because we all talked in a group discussion about how we can help the investigators progress more, and get baptized. We identified that maybe we´ve lost a little bit the focus on helping the people learn the gospel, and focused a lot on the fecha bautismal. That´s important because that´s the initiative and drive. But we felt that we´ve lost our fear of challenging to baptism, at the expense that we have more fear of committing them to other commitments.

Also that we sometimes dismiss people, who we think won’t get baptized, too early. It´s important to leave people who won´t live the commitments, but we also need to help them receive the gospel, and listen to the doctrine of the lessons, and live it. Hma V shared that when she was baptized she received the missionaries 8 months without attending church, but when she finally decided to get baptized, she was baptized the second Sunday. Now she´s here. Similarly with Elder H, he said he joined the church because he felt good, and that the gospel was changing his life.

I think part of the reason that I´m with Elder M is to help me focus on the joy of the gospel more. He´s cool, because he just has this happy testimony and desire to love in him. I feel that I really don´t teach him anything. He worries about his Spanish sometimes, but I think that doesn´t matter. The people understand him, because he has the Spirit, and he has a good attitude. He also reminds me of Elder B, who continues as assistant to president.

There are lots of competitive, and prideful people in the world, but there are also lots of good ones. And sadly the only person who I ever knew who was really like that in high school was Jake. Maybe that was partly my fault too, because I wasn´t ready or willing to search and be as good a friend as people like that are.

But yeah. It´s nice to have good honest people with you.

Thanks for the news about France. I´m really feeling a craving to be reading the news again. And to be studying. There´s so much hysteria in the world, but underneath, there is reason and currents and forces controlling things that happen. And it´s interesting to study and understand.

But anyway, enjoy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey, and remember how I´ll be there next year!

Elder Schafer


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