So about my head… – December 1, 2015

Well, it´s been an eventful week. Having a lot of fun with Elder M. We´re working, and trying to find, and then focus on people. Really focus and teach by the spirit. Which is more fun. We had a teenage kid who told us he got an answer to his prayer on Sunday. He couldn´t come to the conference we had, but he wants to go this Sunday.
But the thing that happen last week is that I got a little cut. We were doing service and lifting a wardrobe, moving it into a house. It kinda fell (like 6 inches) but the edge caught me on the forehead.
So I bled, but didn´t get it on my shirt. We were going to the firefighters for stitches, but then we passed by the health center in town, and saw a member who´s a nurse. So she put in five stitches. We just got them taken out, and I should be all good. President saw us for the district conference  on Sunday, and just said: Stuff like that´s good for you.
And I baptized a kid the sisters taught. Because I interviewed him, and he decided that he wanted me.
Sorry I haven´t written much today. But thanks for everything, especially the Christmas package (even though I don´t have it yet). I love you SO MUCH!
Elder Schafer

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