What did I miss? – November 17, 2015

Even the people in Guate have heard about France! What am I missing?

So I´ve been tired and stressed the last few days. Not really sure why. There really was no reason. Sometimes life just gets to you, you know?

My companion has a problem with his knee. There´s a ligament inside that has swelled on his right one. We went to the capital to the hospital on Wednesday. That was a long day. That was an unplanned trip, but before that, we had gotten up at 2am to go to a zone conference. So Elder Clavo will probably go to a new area. But they haven´t called us yet.

But after that doctors visit, we left the capital late in a bus. We were making good time to get back to the area around 6:30pm. But then the bus got hit by a truck in Siquinala, near Santa Lucia, Cotzamaguapa. Nobody was hurt, but afterward, the other car tried to get away, and the bus driver chased him down, going who knows how fast in the dark and rain. And with all the stupid passengers yelling, faster faster, hit him! I wasn´t sure if he was going to ram him or what. But when we caught up, we got in front of the other truck, and braked, and then they stopped. After that, there was a lot of swearing from the drivers outside, and the tires of the bus were putting off smoke, but we were okay. Then we hopped on another passing bus, and eventually made in home about 8pm.

I´m really missing having something else to read this week. I just want to crack open a work of literature that makes high school students sleep, or get a headache puzzling Plato´s Republic. Or maybe read Don Quixote de la Mancha in Spanish, or Spinoza… So what am I reading? Well, I finished D & C. So I´m starting the New Testament. I did the math, and I think I can read it in 2 months, if I read 4 chapters a day. I´m almost done with Matthew right now. The Pauline Epistles will probably be a little bit of work.

But you sure find the references for a lot of the doctrine only high priests talk about in Doctrine and Covenants, right? There´s a whole section on when God´s people can go to war, (98).

But anyway: I love you both and everyone so much. I miss you.

Elder Schafer


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